The Best American Buttercream Frosting Recipe

There are so many reasons why I love this buttercream recipe. I love the that is only uses 5 ingredients, which most of us already have in our pantries!

It also is seriously the easiest recipe; it’s pretty much foolproof, and only takes about 5 minutes to make.

However, as with any recipe, sometimes you need to do a little trouble shooting! I get TONS of questions about my buttercream recipe, including:

  • Can buttercream icing be made ahead of time?
  • Can buttercream frosting be frozen?
  • How do I get the air bubbles out of my buttercream?
  • Can buttercream frosting be left out overnight?
  • Which type of buttercream do you use?
  • Why does my frosting have air bubbles in it?
  • Does buttercream need to be refrigerated?
  • Why is my buttercream grainy?
  • Why is my buttercream yellow? Why isn’t my frosting white?
  • How do you get such vibrant colored frosting?

I’m here to answer all of these and more! So buckle up, and get ready to learn everything (and more) about American buttercream frosting.

I’ll be sharing the fundamentals, tips for troubleshooting, and of course, my recipe!!

Can I Make My Buttercream In Advance?

A common theme in these questions involves making buttercream in advance, and storing it.

I almost always make my frosting ahead of time.

If placed in a large, sealed piping bag or airtight container, it can last in the fridge for up to a month, and in the freezer for up to three months

When you’re ready to use the chilled or frozen buttercream, simple take it out of the fridge or freezer, and place on the counter to thaw. T

he amount of time it takes to thaw can vary based on the amount of frosting, and how it’s stored. I usually take my buttercream out the night before I need it.

Once the buttercream has reached room temperature, it will likely be riddled with tiny air bubbles!!

But fear not, you can get your frosting back to a silky smooth consistency.

Simply mix it on a low speed with a paddle attachment, or by hand with a rubber spatula.

I do this with every batch of buttercream, to make it easier to get super smooth sides on my cake.

How Long Does Buttercream Keep At Room Temperature?

In general, buttercream can sit out at room temperature for up to 2 days. Most people freak out when they hear that. “Won’t it spoil??” “But this recipe has cream in it!! Won’t the frosting go bad?”

And the simple answer is no.

The high amount of fat and minimal amount of cream keep it from spoiling.

Trust me, I leave my frosting out overnight all the time, and I’ve never gotten sick from it.

Do I Need To Sift My Powdered Sugar?

A lot of recipes ask you to sift the powdered sugar before adding it into the frosting. I don’t know how you feel about sifting, but to me it’s always such a pain!

It is important to sift the powdered sugar if you have trouble with it clumping when you add it into your buttercream.

However, most powdered sugar in the United States is mixed with a tiny bit of cornstarch, to naturally keep it from clumping.

Cornstarch helps absorb moisture, which can cause clumps.

I’ve never had an issue with my powdered sugar clumping, and a few years ago I decided to be rebellious and skip the sifting.

And you know what? My frosting turned out EXACTLY THE SAME! I don’t sift my powdered sugar anymore for frosting!!

If you live in a humid environment, you may have issues with clumps in your powdered sugar.

You also might run into this if you live in another country where your powdered sugar doesn’t contain cornstarch.

If this is you, it may be necessary for you to sift.

Why Is My Buttercream Grainy?

Some people also run into the issue of grainy frosting!

When the texture of you buttercream isn’t nice and smooth, it may be because you need to add a bit more heavy cream (1 TBSP at a time)!

If there isn’t enough liquid in your frosting to dissolve the sugar, it can throw off the texture of your frosting.

Sometimes adding additional heavy cream doesn’t solve the problem.

When you run into this, the grainy texture might be caused by the brand of powdered sugar you’re using!

Some brand are less fine than others, and in some place of the world powdered sugar is also less fine.

I usually use the Domino or Shoprite brands, which are both 10x.

When you see this on a package, it refers to the the number of time the sugar is processed to make it into the fine powder that we know and love.

Be sure to check your package when you buy it, to be sure it’s been processed to a fine enough powder!

MVI_3145 (2)

Why Is My Buttercream Hard / Why Does Buttercream Crust?

Another important thing to note when making this recipe is that it is a crusting buttercream!

Now I know what you’re thinking, “Crusting sounds gross!!” “Why would  frosting crust?”

My recipe crusts overtime as the frosting is left exposed to air, due to its high sugar content. 

But it’s really not a bad thing. In fact, most of the time it’s actually a great thing!

Crusting buttercream recipes are usually stiffer due to the high amount of powdered sugar, and therefore easier to smooth on cakes.

Other benefits of crusting include reduced risk of bulging sides, the ability to paint designs onto a cake, and it helps piped flowers or designs keep their structure.

MVI_1411_Moment (2)

What Is American Buttercream Frosting? How Is It Different than Swiss Meringue Buttercream?

Based on the minimal list of ingredients, you can probably tell this is an American Buttercream Frosting (ABC)!

The noticeable difference between American buttercream and other types of buttercream is that it doesn’t use any egg whites!

American buttercream frosting is primarily made with butter, loads of powdered sugar, and a bit of salt, vanilla, and heavy cream.

While there are tons of delicious types of buttercream out there (Swiss, German, Italian, French…), I prefer ABC! 

I don’t like to mess with eggs when it comes to frosting, and I enjoy the way American buttercream tastes.

As most of you know, I have a huge sweet tooth, and Swiss Meringue Buttercream (SMBC) honestly isn’t sweet enough for my palette. 

I ate loads of sugary candy, sweet breakfast cereals, and sweetened beverages as a kid. My brain has been hard-wired to just love sugar over the years.

IMG_1428 (2)

How Do I Make My Buttercream White? Why Is My Buttercream Yellow?

One last thing to note when making this American Buttercream!! Since this recipe is only 5 ingredients, each ingredient really counts when it comes to flavor and consistency.

With this in mind, the brand of butter you use has a huge impact on the taste and color of your frosting!!

Some brands of butter are more yellow, either based on the diet of the cows producing the milk (cows eating a lot of grass will produce yellower butter due to the beta carotene in the grass), or if a brand adds in coloring (always check the ingredients!!).

frosting smoothed

My go to brand of butter is the unsalted Whole Foods brand. It is very light in color, and makes very white frosting!

If you can’t find a brand of butter that is lighter in color and your frosting is still a bit yellow, try adding the smallest (TINIEST) drop of purple gel food coloring.

It sounds crazy, but purple and yellow are opposites on the color wheel, so they cancel each other out.

The purple gel food coloring will color-correct the yellow tint, leaving you with white frosting.

Can I Use This Recipe To Make Other Flavors of Frosting?

I use this icing as the base of every frosting I make, and then make tweaks to recipe to flavor it. This is the perfect frosting base for any flavor! The possibilities are limitless. Below is a picture of my salted caramel buttercream, which uses this recipe as a base.

caramel buttercream photo

Some of the different flavors I’ve made include the following:

When I make variations and plan to use a different extract, I usually swap out 1 or 2 tsp of vanilla, and replace them with my extract of choice.

This is what I do for coconut, lemon, mint, almond, ube, and maple buttercream!

Some flavors require mixing in an addition ingredient, like Nutella or peanut butter.

For these, I replace 1 or 2 sticks of butter with the ingredient of choice. For example, to make Nutella frosting, I use three sticks of butter, and a half cup of Nutella.

I then add some additional heavy cream, since the Nutella makes the frosting thicker than standard buttercream.

This approach works great for cream cheese frosting, salted caramel, peanut butter, Nutella, and cookie butter frosting.

MVI_4308 (2)

How Do I Color My Buttercream To Make Bright And Vibrant Shades?

Now onto coloring frosting! To make my buttercream super vibrant and colorful, I use gel food coloring.

It allows you to get vibrant colors without adding a ton of liquid into the frosting.

This can throw off the consistency of the buttercream.

My favorite gel food coloring is Americolor, and it’s the only food coloring I use.

How Much Buttercream Do I Need To Make For A Cake?

When using this to frost my favorite vanilla layer cake recipe , I usually make 1.5 batches. However, this can vary based on how I’m decorating the cake.

A lot of the time I have leftover frosting, but I’d always prefer to have leftover frosting, rather than run out!

I don’t mind since it can easily be saved to use on another cake.

Plus, like I mentioned above, leftover buttercream keeps in the fridge for up to a month if it’s stored correctly!

One batch of this recipe makes about 6 cups of frosting. When you’re first starting out though, that doesn’t mean much!

You’ll learn overtime how much frosting you like to add between the layers, and much extra frosting you need to create the decoration you have in mind.


For example, a semi-naked cake uses less than one batch of frosting. On the other hand, if you chose to decorate a cake with buttercream rosettes, you may use two entire batches of frosting!

If you try out this recipe, please be sure to tag me @chelsweets and use the #chelsweets so I can see your creations πŸ™‚

Yield: 6 cups

Best American Buttercream Frosting

Best American Buttercream Frosting

This American buttercream recipe only uses five ingredients! It's so easy and delicious to make, you'll never buy frosting again!!

Prep Time 10 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes


  • 2 cups unsalted butter, room temperature (434 grams)
  • 8 cups powdered sugar (907 grams)
  • 1/2 tsp salt (3 grams)
  • 2 Tbsp heavy cream (or whipping cream) (30 grams)
  • 1 Tbsp vanilla extract (12 grams)


  1. Beat the butter on a medium speed for 30 seconds with a paddle attachment, until smooth. Mix in the vanilla and salt on a low speed
  2. Slowly add in the powdered sugar, 1 cup at a time. Alternate with small splashes of cream.
  3. Beat on low until the ingredients are fully incorporated, and the desired consistency is reached. 
  4. If the frosting is too thick, add in additional cream (1 Tbsp at a time). If the frosting is too thin, add in more powdered sugar (quarter of a cup at a time).
  5. If you plan to color the buttercream, add in the gel food coloring once the frosting is fully made, and beat on low until it reach the desired colored


If you are making frosting for a cake, it is important to mix the buttercream on the lowest speed at the end of the process for a couple minutes, to get out any extra air that might have be incorporated during the mixing process.

You can also stir the frosting in a bowl with a rubber spatula, pushing it from side to side, to get rid of any air bubbles.This will make it easier to get super smooth sides on your cake!

I usually make 1 1/2 batches of frosting to stack and frost a seven or eight inch cake.

Nutrition Information


10 cups

Serving Size


Amount Per Serving Calories 682 Total Fat 38g Saturated Fat 24g Trans Fat 0g Unsaturated Fat 12g Cholesterol 101mg Sodium 124mg Carbohydrates 88g Fiber 0g Sugar 86g Protein 0g

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    1. Yes, I prefer the paddle attachment! I always use the whole foods brand of butter. Hope that helps! I suggest beating the frosting on a very low setting for a couple minutes at the end of the process, which can help remove any excess air. Happy baking πŸ™‚

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    1. I actually never have! I very rarely use shortening! I add very little cream, which keeps my frosting pretty study and easy to frost with! I live in NYC,and never really have problems with temperature or humidity in my kitchen though, I know that people encounter issues related to that other places in the world !

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    1. the amount of salt in butter varies by brand, and you can’t control it! so using unsalted is best, then you can add in the exact amount of salt a recipe calls for

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    1. you can always swap out half the butter for shortening, which will help make it more stable in the heat! However, my buttercream is very stiff and I’ve never had a problem with it!! But I live in NYC

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      1. oh no! I use domino sugar powdered sugar, which is always really fine and clump free! I actually don’t normally sift my powdered sugar (shocking, but it’s never clumpy and I’ve found it doesn’t really make a difference for me)The butter you use can also impact it! I’d recommend adding a bit more heavy cream, and seeing if that helps thin it out and make it easier to work with!

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      2. sadly the texture will be affected! but you can try to add less powdered sugar, and reduce the amount of cream you use to try to make the frosting thicker <3

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    1. you can create a reduction of strawberry puree, and add it to the frosting! Just be sure you cook out a lot of the water, so that the frosting doesn’t break when you add it πŸ™‚

  27. Hi,how exactly do you make your Nutella buttercream. You say to use 2 sticks of butter and 1 cup of Nutella. But how much sugar? 4 cups?

    1. yup! the ratio of 1/2 cup of fat (butter or nutella) to 1 cup of powdered sugar still stays true! I also add in an extra TBSP or 2 or cream, as the nutella makes the frosting pretty thick πŸ™‚

    1. These layers can be made in advance, and can be stored in the freezer for up to 5 days! If you do plan to freeze them overnight, be sure to either place them in an airtight container, or wrap them tightly in saran wrap.

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    1. if you’re only using 2 layers for each tier, you shouldn’t need a ton! I would say about 1.5 batches should be enough! but it can vary based on how thick your cake layers are, and how much frosting you add between the layers <3

  32. What do you change when you make chocolate frosting? Do you add cocoa, chocolate squares, chocolate chips…? And do you make different types of chocolate frosting? Such as devils food cake frosting, black forest cake frosting, milk chocolate frosting…?

    1. Depends on you taste! I prefer the taste of american buttercream over swiss meringue, but if you don’t have a big sweet tooth or aren’t used to american desserts, this recipe will probably be too sweet for you!

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    1. up to a few weeks! I store it in an airtight container in the freezer if I’m making it super far in advance, or put it in the fridge if I plan to use it in the next few days.

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    1. Thanks!! Its actually all the same shade of americolor pink gel food coloring, just in varying amounts! I was really surprised the middle layer turned out that color, but I also really liked it!

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  38. Hello, Is it possible to make the frosting a day in advance, or is it better to make it the day of decorating the cake?

    1. either way is fine! if you make it in advance, you just need to be sure to store it in an air tight container to prevent crusting! You also need to give it a good stir once it comes to room temperature, as air bubbles can form inside the frosting as it thaws.

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    1. A lot of factor can come into play with frosting consistency! I actually do use very stiff buttercream, but my kitchen is usually pretty warm! I think this makes my frosting just the right consistency, but I also freeze my layers! This makes them much easier to frost. If you find your frosting is too thick, you can keep adding heavy cream until it’s just right. The type of butter you use can also affect the consistency. Some butter has slightly more water/ less fat than others!

  42. Hi Chelsey, Thanks for the buttercream recipe, can’t wait to try it. I would like to know though whether this recipe works well in humid places and if I can use replace some of the butter with shortening.

    1. You definitely can, and I recommend you do! It will change the flavor a bit, but it really helps make the buttercream more stable / stand up to the humidity!

  43. Hey Chelsey! I have tried to make your buttercream and many others. But I can always taste the sugar. I have added sieved sugar in batches of 3. Whisked for a good amount of 3-5 minutes. It just doesn’t come out right. And I’m from India, so it’s really humid here.
    Any suggestions?

    1. when you say you can taste the sugar, do you mean the texture is off, or it’s too sweet? it might be the brand of powdered sugar that you’re using, but overall the frosting is pretty sweet. If you want it taste less sweet, you can try using a swiss meringue buttercream, which is less sweet!

  44. Hi Chelsey! I am making a birthday cake for my daughter tomorrow and I was wondering if I can make the frosting tonight and store it in the fridge overnight that way it’s less mess for tomorrow, and if so what do I need to do to it tomorrow before hand so I can get a nice smooth outcome? Thanks!

    1. definitely! just be sure to take it out a few hours before you need it to let it come to room temp, and give it a very good stir with a spatula to smooth it out, and remove any air bubbles! they tend to form as the frosting warms up.

  45. One one of your live streams I heard you say you make your frosting ahead of time and freeze it until needed. Any special methods for freezing? And how long does it need to thaw before using?

    1. Nope! just store it in an airtight container, and let it sit on the counter to thaw! I give it a good stir before using, to remove any air bubbles that may form while it thaws!

  46. Hi there do you recommend this buttercream recipe to be used with your best ever vanilla layer cake recipe?? Does it make enough to fully cover and to use between the layers? Thanks, I am loving your page so much πŸ™‚

  47. Hi Chelsea-
    I love your buttercream recipe and use it everytime I make a cake! I was wondering if I want to make cream cheese buttercream, how much cream cheese do I use and do I still substitute it for 2 sticks of butter like the nutella version? So it would be 2 sticks of butter and a cup of creamcheese? Thanks so much!!

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  49. Hi! I want to make a chocolate buttercream to frost the outside of my cake. I looked at your Whipped Chocolate Buttercream, but this one seems easier to frost. How do I take this Vanilla Buttercream and make it chocolate?

  50. Hi, this recipe is good for fully frost and fill how many cakes? What size? how much would you need for a 3 tiered cake? If its so suppose to be 100 degree weather will this frosting hold?

    1. I’d recommend swapping out some of the butter for shortening if you want it to hold up in 100 degree heat. As for the amount of frosting you’ll need, that varies drastically based on how much you add between the layers, and how you plan to decorate it! I usually use about 1.5 batches on an 8 inch cake with four layers. Hope that helps, happy baking!

  51. hello Chelsey and congratulation for your work!
    could you please tell me about this buttercream ,when i use it for a cake , the cake the cake must be kept in the refrigerator or it’s ok outside the refrigerator at a room temperature?

  52. Hi Chels, I’m trying your vanilla buttercream receipe this weekend and was just wondering if I was to have left over buttercream, can it be stored and if so for how long?

  53. Hi chelsey I read a few comment and I saw them saying swap some butter for shortening in 100 degree weather. whats the ratio? about how much butter should I use and how much shortening? thank you!

  54. Hey Chelsey! I’m making my dear friend’s wedding cake in August and wanted to do a mascarpone buttercream. I love your recipe and want to still use it for this. Would I substitute one cup of mascarpone for one cup of butter? Have you worked much with mascarpone? Love following you on instagram and FN’s facebook live for inspiration!

    1. Hi Samantha!! I have made a marscarpone filling, but not a buttercream to cover a cake! i’m not quite sure what the best ratio would be :/ sorry i can’t be of more help!

  55. Hey Chelsweets! LOOOOOVE your channel! I follow you on IG, Youtube and FB!! I love your work

    Quick question: i’d love to make a big batch, and then just freeze it so I can use it bit by bit….any tips? I’d hate to ruin it, but be able to use it later! Thanks πŸ™‚

    1. you can def make a big batch ahead of time! just store it in an airtight container, and be sure to give it a good stir once it’s thawed back to room temp before you use it! it will get airbubbles as it warms, but these will go away once you stir it with a spatula!

  56. HI Chelsy! I love watching your videos. I’m really not much of a baker but it’s so fun to watch you decorate. For the recipe, would it work to use salted butter and not add the 1/3 tsp of salt or is it better just to get the unsalted butter?

  57. Hi Chelsea! If you were making four tiers of this recipe in a 10 inch pan, how many times the above
    recipe would you go? 1.5x or 2x to get the right layer thickness?

  58. Hello. I live in Florida where it is really hot and humid. I have used this frosting but it does not hold up in this weather. Do you have another buttercream recipe that fairs better in the extreme heat and humidity?

    Thank you in advance!

  59. Hi Chelsea, I love the way the frosting flowers look on this cake. I’m a very novice cake decorator. How do u make those flowers? What decorating tip do I need to make those flowers?

  60. Hi Chelsey, love your videos! if I wanted to make a 6″ double barrel cake, how many batches of this icing would I need? Thanks πŸ™‚

    1. I’m not sure what a double barrel is! but to make 3 6 inch cake layers, i usually use a half batch of my frosting <3

  61. Hi Chelsea! I love yor recipies and tips! I do not miss your videos! … I have a question, please help me, how is the proportion of ingredients to make it white chocolate buttercream?
    Thank you for your comments

    1. I would just add in 6 oz of melted white chocolate, and an extra 2 TBSP of heavy cream. it will seem too thin at first, but will firm up as the white chocolate cools <3

    1. I do make half batches sometimes! The process is the exact same, and you just use half of the ingredients <3

  62. I am looking for your different fondant recipes and not sure where to find them.. I want to use something that is easy and taste good. I love your videos and site. Thanks . Susan

    1. I don’t make my own fondant, but if you google baked by dan (he’s a fellow food network digital contributor) marshmallow fondant, he shares his recipe which is supposed to taste great! hope that helps, happy baking!

  63. How much shortening and butter should I use when replacing the full 4 sticks of butter in the buttercream to withstand 100Β° weather?

    1. oh geeze, at least half!! I’m not sure how much you’d need to stand up to that kind of heat though, that’s hot!!

  64. Hi there! Thank you for all your insight!!! Do you have a favorite frosting recipe you use for when people ask you for a cake that’s not too sweet? Because American buttercream, to my knowledge, is the sweetest right? I would really appreciate your help on this! ??

    1. it’s definitely very sweet! if someone wants a less sweet frosting, I usually recommend my whipped frosting recipe, or a ganache!

    1. it depends on how much frosting you add between your layers and your decorations, but one batch of buttercream should be enough to cover one 4 layer cake made with 7 or 8 inch cake layers!

  65. Hi Chelsea, I’m making a wedding cake in October. Should I freeze the multiple layers ahead of time and take them out the day I frost the cake? I worry about too much moisture when they come to room temperature?

    Thank you, you are amazing!


    1. They will get some moisture as they thaw, so I’d let the layers sit out and thaw for about 40 minutes before decorating, then assemble the cake! this should help with any issues with condensation!

  66. I love your videos, im going to make your totally pink cake formy daughters Birthday next week. I love you live near Dylans candy Bar. I will have to find pink candies here in California lol

    1. haha I feel like California has some pretty awesome candy shops too πŸ™‚ You’re daughter is a lucky girl!! Happy baking <3

  67. Hi there! I am making your semi naked tiered cake from youtube for my sister’s baby shower on Saturday. I am using 4, 6″ layers for the top tier and 4, 8″ layers for the bottom half using your classic vanilla cake recipe. How many batches of this buttercream will I need for this cake? thanks so much!

    1. I’d recommend 2 batches! you may have a bit of leftover batter, but i like having slightly thicker layers! I’ve made it with 1.5 batches before, but if you’re making 4 layers, they may be a bit thin!

      1. Hi Chelsea πŸ™‚ I wanted to know how much buttercream to make? πŸ™‚ I already made the cakes and 2 batches worked perfectly and I used all of the batter. hoping you get this in time! If not I will make 3 JIC! πŸ˜‰

  68. Hi Chelsea, love this recipe! It’s my go to for the best buttercream for my cakes. Just curious, what’s the green food coloring for? I’ve never seen that on this recipe before. Is it new?
    Thanks for all the great recipes!

  69. Hi! I am making a 2 layer 11×15 sheet cake, what would you recommend for the frosting? I plan to use the vanilla american buttercream, and possibly tripling the recipe – do you think that would cover it?

  70. Hi Chelsea! I’m making a wedding cake in Nov and I’m wondering how many batches of your vanilla recipe I will need for the bottom 14in cake? I would like to do three thicker layers instead of 4 thinner ones. LOVE your vids and advice! You have helped me so much!?

    1. If you want 4 thick layers, you’d need one batch of cake for each 14 inch layer (based on the formula of a circle). That’s going to be one huge cake!!

  71. Hi Chelsea! First of all, love all of your cakes! Two questions for you:
    1. If I wanted to make this icing 2 days in advance, do you recommend putting it in the fridge or leaving it at room temp? And do I need to whip it again before using?
    2. If I’m making a couple of colors (red, yellow, and black), should I do that in advance or the morning I’m decorating?
    Thank you!

    1. I recommend refrigerating buttercream if you don’t plan to use it within 12 hours! Sometimes I’ll leave it out overnight, but if I don’t plan to use it for a couple days I pop it in the fridge. Definitely remix it to get out any air bubbles that can form as it comes to room temperature!!

      I recommend coloring the frosting in advance, as the shade can deepen overtime! this is always great for reds, or other vibrant colors πŸ™‚ Hope that helps, happy baking!

  72. Hi Chelsea! Recently started following your Instagram and loving every bit of it! Already made your vanilla cake and edible cookie dough and was a huge hit! If I need to make this completely dairy free is it best to use margarine or Crisco bars? Thanks!

    1. so happy to hear that!! To make this dairy free I would do exactly that, swap the butter for crisco, and use almond milk instead of cream!

  73. Oh my goodness. I’m making a semi-naked came for my daughter’s wedding in a few weeks, so I’m in the process of recipe testing. This buttercream (with the additional couple tbsp of cream) is AMAZING. THANK YOU!! I actually feel like I might be able to do this thing now. ?

    1. so happy to hear that!! yes, sometimes the amount of cream needs to be adjusted a bit based on the butter you’re using and the temp of your kitchen!! (in the winter when my kitchen is colder, i have to add more to get the consistency right!)

  74. Hi Chelsea! I love watching your videos! You make everything look so easy!!! You have inspired me to make my very first 4 tier cake ever! I am practicing today for my son’s cake in November. Your buttercream recipe says 8 cups powdered sugar. But then it says 907 grams. My 32 oz. (2 lb.) bag of powdered sugar says it is 907 grams. But wouldn’t 32 oz. be only 4 cups since there are 8 oz. in a cup? What am I missing???

    1. aw I’m so happy to hear that! That math doesn’t work, because you’re using volume measurements and weight measurements! If you were to pour your 2lb bag of powdered sugar into cups, you’d see it has 8 cups! πŸ™‚

  75. Is it true that you need to let colored frosting sit to let the color mature/deepen? Or does it just depends on the quality of coloring used?

  76. I love your channel!

    You are so detailed when explaining step by step. This buttercream…. Amaze! Question, after a crumbcoat with your icing, can I chill it, then wrap it, then freeze it? If so, after freezing it, and when I’m ready to put the final coat of icing and decorate, can I do it right away, or should I leave in fridge until it thaws to fridge temp, and then begin to decorate?! Please help lol….

    P. S.

    I’m in Hawaii. So I’m going to try the half Crisco half butter. Any other changes needed besides that if making this adjustment?

    1. haha you can definitely do that!! but i’d recommend transferring the cake from the freezer to the fridge the day before you want to add the second coat of icing. This will help minimize the temperature shock, and reduce condensation <3

  77. Hi Chelsea! I love every thing you do you have brought out my inner baker i just would like to know how you make your Oreo frosting thanks

    1. Aw that’s so wonderful to hear!! I usually just cut up 1 sleeve of oreos really finely, and mix them into my vanilla buttercream once it’s made πŸ™‚

  78. Hi there, can i substitute cream for coconut cream? Making a cake for my daughters 1st birthday however she has a dairy allergy. Thank you

  79. What a joy to watch you on here,Iam a cake decorator from a chain store! and I love how much joy you make this.Do you have any good recipe for a fresh banana cake.Thanks

    1. Aw thanks Jan! I’m actually still working to perfect my banana cake recipe, but am hoping to share it in the next month πŸ™‚ Stay tuned!!

  80. Hi ?
    I love your channel!! Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful recipes!! My question is: why don’t you sift your powdered sugar? I use C&H and if I don’t sift it, I find large clumps of sugar. Is the brand you use more fine-less clumps?
    Thanks ?

    1. Hi Denece! You’re exactly right, I don’t sift because i never really have issues with clumps of powdered sugar. I use either the domino or shop rite brand, which I get here in manhattan. If you do have issues and can’t get those brands of powdered sugar, I do recommend sifting πŸ™‚

    1. I add about 1/2 cup of melted white chocolate into 1 batch of buttercream, plus an extra tablespoon of heavy cream πŸ™‚

  81. Hi. Loving all your recipes, tips and videos! I have never seen buttercream made this way! I always whip it to death to incorporate air! Definitely going to try this. Thank you so much! My residents that I cook/bake for will love this!

  82. Good day my dear…. my name is Estelle and I am from Namibia. I love your videos. I want to ask you if you can make videos how to smoothen number cakes from 1 to 10 please if it is possible. I also want to see how you baked your cakes and witch pans you used and so on….

  83. Hi Chelsea! I love your videos and decided to try and make my son’s 1st birthday cake using your vanilla cake and American buttercream recipe. When I made the frosting, I found 2 tablespoons of heavy cream was no where near enough and had to end up adding a lot more to get a workable consistency (I was using a hand mixer instead of a stand mixer). What did I do wrong?? Thanks!

    1. you didn’t do anything wrong! the amount of heavy cream you need to add can vary a ton based on the temperature of your butter, the type of bowl you use (metal vs glass), even the temperature of your kitchen! I err on the side of not enough cream in this recipe, because a lot of my followers live in warm climates (from Australia to the Philippines to Florida!). In the summer when my kitchen is warmer, I use 2 Tbsp. In the winter sometimes I have to use up to a half a cup!! We don’t have control over the heat in our apartment (our building was built in 1904!!), so it varies a ton. It’s all about realizing what consistency you’re after, and adjusting as needed to get it just right. I’m sorry there isn’t a more straight forward answer!! <3

  84. Love your detailed videos and instructions. Can I ask if I could add mango puree to the buttercream to have mango flavour? What are the measurements?

  85. Hi!! How would you go about flavoring buttercream with fruit? Any time ive ever tried incorporating a jam or puree, it either makes it too soft or runny or not flavorful enough!

    1. Fruit can be hard! You usually need to make a fruit reduction, by boiling down fruit puree!! or if possible, freeze dried fruit works wonderfully <3

  86. I have a feeling the icing sugar in the country I’m in now Is less fine/sweeter than in the states, my batch came out tasty but super sweet and possibly a bit hard in consistency, but not sure. If I want to make my batch slightly less sweet, should I beat in more butter? Or add more cream or vanilla? Thanks!

    1. I recommend adding in more cream and vanilla! you can also add in a bit more butter if you want, to try to make it less sweet!

    1. It is just enough to frost a cake, but not for any additional decorations! it can also vary based on how much frosting you add between the layers. I like to make 1.5 batches, just to be safe! you can always refrigerate and reuse any left over buttercream πŸ™‚

  87. Hello from Staten Island! So happy to have found your channel on YouTube. I’m a beginners baker. I love to cook and now recently my inner baker has come out. I have made a couple of cakes and according to all those that have eating it it there good. I have not tried to decorate as of yet. But I think by watching your videos that I’m ready. I want to buy me a turn table, what do you recommend. I saw a set on Amazon that comes with the knives, and the flat spatula looking things (told you I’m a beginner) by the brand of Kootek. Do not want to start with nothing too expensive. I don’t plan to sell them but I want to make them for family and to bless my friends. Also, I’m not too much into very sweet frosting can you please show me how to make a frosting that is not too sweet. Thank you sweetie for all your lessons and great tips. I’ve subscribe to your You Tube channel, Instagram and your blog. Oh my, I think you have a stalker here. Take care!

    1. Happy to have you along for the ride Sandy! I highly recommend an ateco 612 turn table, they last forever and are super high quality. Here’s the link:

      It’s on sale for $54 right now, which is a steal! however, if that’s higher than you want to spend, you can also get a kit like this:

      haha if you like your frosting less sweet, I highly recommend one of my whipped buttercream frostings!

      I hope that helps, happy baking <3

    1. Honestly I’ve never measured it, but I’d guess 9-10? some of it depends on how much you beat it/how much air your incorporate into it!

  88. Hello, I just tried this frosting for cupcakes and i am happy with the results but but after decorating my cupcakes, i put them in fridge and after 2 hours the frosting became hard? Whats the best way to maintain the silkyness? πŸ™‚

    1. Based on the amount of butter in the buttercream, the frosting is definitely going to firm up when they’re in the fridge, just like a stick of butter! Most buttercream also crust due to the high sugar content. It’s almost impossible to avoid, but I would also not recommend putting cupcakes in the fridge! They can sit out if you plan to eat them the same day, or you can freeze them if you don’t plan to eat them within a day <3

      1. Thank you dear :* yes it got better after taking them out of fridge for 30 mins before serving (Y)

    1. I would add in freeze dried strawberry powder, or add in a reduced strawberry puree! You don’t really need to replace anything, but you can adjust the amount of cream you add accordingly πŸ™‚

      1. You could use that too, but you need to make sure the strawberry puree is REALLY reduced down! Otherwise it can cause your frosting to break. I’ve never tried strawberry extract, but i really try to use the real fruit when it comes to frosting and cake flavors if possible <3

    1. This recipe doesn’t rise up a ton, and it does bake pretty flat! but if you think it didn’t rise at all, I’d recommend getting new baking powder! sometimes our leavening agents sit in our cabinets for too long and lose their potency! They should be replaced every six months <3

  89. Hi Chelsey, when I make this frosting, which I love, it seems much thicker than your consistency and I put in more cream than the recipe asks for. I don’t know what else to do.

    1. That’s exactly what you should do! The consistency of your frosting can vary a ton based on the temperature of your butter, the type of butter, even the temperature of your kitchen! This time of year my kitchen much colder than in the summer (and so is my butter at “room temp”), and I’ve been having to add an extra 1/3 cup of heavy cream!! I keep the recipe the way it is though, because in the summer/for people in warmer climate, if I included a ton of extra cream in the recipe, it would be way too thin! So I highly recommend adding extra cream as needed, until you get the right consistency πŸ™‚

      1. Hi Chelsy?i have my red gel too ,to color my butter cream but i don’t have super red like you have ..what will i do ?to get really close the super red gel.asap pls thank you ?

      2. other brands can work too! I’d just try it and see how it turns out, and if it’s too light, you can always add a tiny bit of black or purple gel food coloring, to try to deepen the shade!

  90. Hello, can this frosting be made in advance and then kept in the fridge or frozen until ready to frost? How long can it be kept in either? Your recipes are great, made your mint cake for my husband’s birthday and he loved it!

    1. I’m actually about to share an in-depth post on that! fridge up to a month, freezer two months! Just be sure to bring them to room temp, and give it a good stir to remove any air bubbles before you add it to a cake! ??

    1. I’ve used almond milk before, and it worked well! You can swap the butter for vegetable shortening to make it fully non-dairy πŸ™‚

  91. Hey Chelsweets, one question regarding your ABC, you don’t state whether you use ref. vanilla or the clear vanilla. Does it make a difference in order to keep your frosting super white?

    1. I usually use real vanilla extract! The amount that’s added is so small, it really shouldn’t change the color! However, if you have clear vanilla extract you can use that too! It just won’t taste as flavorful, since it’s not real vanilla <3

  92. How well does this hold up to heat and humidity? Summers in Ohio can be brutal and I am looking for a new recipe that will hold up outside.

    1. If you’re worried about the heat, I’d recommend swapping out at least half of the butter for shortening, to help stabilize it!! If you use all butter, it won’t stand up well to the heat at all?

  93. Hey I just found your site and really excited about trying your white cake, I’ve had a few people ask for white cake and I am always hesitant because I am worried if it will as moist as my other cakes. So I am going to give yours a try!! Something I read in your comments that I am curious about, I read all your comments, one you said you don’t sell your cakes?? I was curious as to why not, isn’t this why you do these beautiful cakes!! You are so very talented!! Thank you and God Bless!!

    1. this recipe is a great white cake recipe! because of the buttermilk, it is nice and moist and doesn’t need simple syrup πŸ™‚

      Yup, I don’t sell my cakes! I did back in the day, but I’m now a content creator, and make videos of my cakes instead <3 my revenue comes from monetizing my channels (YT, FB, my blog) and partnerships with brands πŸ™‚

      1. Hi, I was wondering, why do you use a whisk attachment for American buttercream when frosting cupcakes opposed to a paddle attachment for America buttercream when frosting a cake? I have only ever used a paddle attachment when I make American buttercream. Thanks in advance!

      2. I like to make fluffy buttercream for cupcakes, but I want silky smooth buttercream for cakes, so it’s easier to get smooth! Using a whisk incorporates air into the buttercream, which is great for cupcakes, but not great for cakes. Extra air can cause air bubbles in the frosting. The paddle attachment helps reduce the amount of air added into the frosting, so I love using it for cake frosting <3

    1. To be honest, it doesn’t really matter when you add in the salt and vanilla. Sometimes I add it in the beginning, sometimes I do it at the end! It tastes the same either way. I just updated the recipe card though, so they’re aligned to avoid any confusion <3

    2. Adding in the salt and vanilla toward the beginning or the end of the frosting doesn’t materially make a difference, or change the taste! I started adding them in earlier in the process so that I put away my ingredients while the powdered sugar incorporates into the frosting. I’m a big fan or cleaning as I bake!

  94. Hey how would I make lemon frosting? Just substitute the vanilla for lemon? Also, add in some fresh lemon zest? Thanks!!

  95. Hi! What size bag of powdered sugar do you use in your YouTube video that you explain as the β€˜big bag’ and that you say you never have to measure because it equals the 8 cups perfectly? Is it a 32 ounce bag? Thank you!

    1. You’d probably need less than one batch!! I’d say about 2/3 of a batch, but it can based on how much frosting you add between the layers and to the sides of the cake ??

  96. Hey there! I didn’t read through all the comments so I apologize if this has been asked before. I made homemade buttercream for the first time last night and used your recipe. It was delicious! When frosting my sugar cookies, I like to heat the frosting and flood the cookie so when the frosting crusts, you get a perfectly smooth surface. However, when I did that with the homemade, it was a disaster! The fat started to separate from the frosting. I had to stir it really fast and the frosting base did not self-level. Do you know why I can do this with store-bought frosting and not homemade and is there a way to use this technique with homemade buttercream? Thanks so much!

    1. No worries Caitlin! Store bought frosting has oil (palm and canola) as the fat base rather than butter, which gives it a different consistency when heated! Since homemade frosting has butter it’s fat, it will melt when heated up. Hope that helps, happy baking <3

  97. Hi, love your IG page and finally following here too since I’d like to start baking again. I’m looking for a good lemon buttercream recipe. How would you modify your ABC recipe to make a lemon frosting? Thanks!

    1. I would add in the juice of half a medium lemon, and the zest of the 2 medium sized lemons!! so happy to hear you’re getting back into baking πŸ™‚

  98. Love your site and videos. Approximately how much icing (1 cup- 1/2 cup more or less) icing should be used inbetween layers of an 8 inch cake?

  99. Hi there! On your smores cake video you mentioned that you used a marshmallow butter cream frosting. Where can I find the recipe for that?

    1. since it’s completely butter based, it will melt if exposed to a lot of heat or direct sunlight! you can swap out half of the butter for shortening to make it more heat stable though!

  100. Hi Chelsey! I’ve made your buttercream frosting twice now and love the taste of it but have no idea why it got these little white spots on it when I iced the cake? (I tried pasting a pic but couldn’t).
    Also, it wasn’t as smooth as yours looks to be- any ideas? Thank you!!

  101. Hi chelsey!! I’ve been loving your site! I just started making your buttercream frosting and had made it twice now. I love the taste but both times, I got tiny white spots in it when I iced the cake. Any ideas why that might have happened? I can’t figure out how to send a picture or I’d attach it! Thank you!!

    1. that sounds so strange! I know, I so wish we could share photos on here!!! does it seem like your powdered sugar is clumping? are the tiny lumps there before you add it to the cake?? I’d recommend sifting your powdered sugar next time, and see if that fixes it! hopefully it will <3

  102. Hi! I’m going to make your snowflake cake this weekend and went to Whole Foods to get the butter for the buttercream and they didn’t have their own brand! I’m in California. Is there another brand you recommend?

    1. Sad! While I do love the whole foods butter, any unsalted butter will work. You can just add the tiniest bit (TINY) of purple gel food coloring to your frosting, and it will offset the yellow tint your frosting might have from butter. Yellow and purple are opposites on the color wheel, which is why it works <3

  103. Hi Chelsey! How many cupcakes would 1 batch of your icing cover? I am baking cupcakes for my son’s birthday and want to make sure I get enough ingredients! I have made your ABC recipe numerous times and LOVE it!

    1. Hi Alayna,

      It can vary a ton based on how you’re frosting them! I like to add massive swirls onto each cupcake, so I find that one batch frosts a little more than 2 dozen. However, if you were doing buttercream rosettes or something like that, I’m sure that it’d cover more! <3

  104. Hello, I made your butter cream for this first time yesterday after reading through all the comments just to be sure I didn’t goof up… and I goofed up. My frosting was bitter. I didn’t add any color or other flavors. I even made another batch with a different brand of butter – and I had the same (awkward) taste. Can I do anything to fix it? (I covered it and it’s in the fridge) Or do you know why this is happening?

    By the way I made your vanilla cake (SUPERB GIRL!!!) it was AMAZING. I didn’t frost it because all I had was the bitter butter cream but I ate all three layers of cake with homemade strawberry jam. It was soo delegate, no frosting needed.

    But please help, what the heck is up with the bitter buttercream??? Why did I do wrong????

    1. So sorry to hear that Sasalita!! I’ve honestly never heard of bitter frosting before. The main flavor is from the butter and the vanilla extract. What brand of vanilla extract are you using? And are you using heavy whipping cream??

      Those are my only guesses. To try to salvage the existing frosting, you could try to add a stronger extract, like almond or coconut!

      Honestly cake with homemade jam sounds pretty great though πŸ˜› haha happy the cake recipe worked well for you!

  105. Love your sight. I just tried the buttercream frosting. It was delicious. However, it did not crust and became very soft. I noticed you said to add shortening. Which kind and would that affect the taste?

    Thank you,

    1. Thanks Julieta! I’m surprised the frosting didn’t crust! did you add more heavy cream than the recipe calls for? Or do you live in a really humid/hot place? If so, shortening does help stabilize frosting in the heat. It doesn’t taste as good as butter, which is why I usually recommend doing 1/2 butter 1/2 shortening!

      Hope that helps!! <3

  106. hello dear, I have a question please regarding the American buttercream. I did it with the ratios in your video but the buttercream ended up to be grainy and I can feel the sugar in the taste !! what is the reason behind that and how I can fix it ?? btw I am in love with all your videos and how you shifted your career πŸ™‚

    1. Hi Nada! So sorry to hear that!

      When the texture of you buttercream isn’t nice and smooth, it may be because you need to add a bit more heavy cream (1 TBSP at a time)! If there isn’t enough liquid in your frosting to dissolve the sugar, it can throw off the texture of your frosting.

      Sometimes adding additional heavy cream doesn’t solve the problem. When you run into this, the grainy texture might be caused by the brand of powdered sugar you’re using!

      Some brand are less fine than others, and in some place of the world powdered sugar is also less fine. I usually use the Domino or Shoprite brands, which are both 10x. When you see this on a package, it refers to the the number of time the sugar is processed to make it into the fine powder that we know and love.

      Be sure to check your package when you buy it, to be sure it’s been processed to a fine enough powder!

  107. hello dear, thank you for the reply πŸ™‚ I don’t think the buttercream was in need for more milk, yes I guess I might see other brand for powdered sugar.
    I searched and found also that others may add hot water with Milk for more dissolve, is this right to do ??

  108. I have another question please, how I can store my buttercream cake after decoration in the fridge until delivery to the customer the next day ? I put it in the fridge as it is without any cover but the buttercream became dry and hard πŸ˜€

  109. Hello and Congratulations on your recent wedding! I’ve been following you for a while but just got brave enough last weekend to try your chocolate cupcakes and buttercream recipes for my daughter’s 14th birthday. Both recipes were so easy to follow and make and the cupcakes were amazing! I was so inspired…we tried the vanilla cupcakes tonight with the left over icing. Equally easy and also delicious! Thank you so much for such great recipes ?

    1. I’m so happy to hear that Kristin!! That’s exactly the goal of chelsweets, to encourage others to have some fun in the kitchen πŸ™‚ I’m so happy to hear you’re putting my recipes to good use!

    1. It really depends on how plan to decorate them! I pipe really big swirls onto my cupcakes, and I find that one batch frosts about two dozen cupcakes! however, if you were to pipe rosettes onto a cupcake, I think one batch would frost more! <3 Hope that helps Nicole!

    1. I have! I just don’t really like the way it tastes / the texture of the frosting. It also is much more challenging to make!! But it’s a great frosting for people who are looking for a frosting that is less sweet than American buttercream.

  110. Thank you for sharing your recipe!
    Question: does buttercream is the type of frosting that gets hard or is the type of frosting that is gets ruined if you touch it? Like can the texture be similar as fondant?
    I normally buy cakes for my coworkers and at the time of placing the order I’m not sure which frosting I need to ask for, so they always give me the one that gets ruined while traveling.

  111. Hi! I have a question normally they say when u use heavy cream in the buttercream icing it doesnt hold its shape good? Does it pipe good? Does the icing stiff up? Etc .. What is your experience with it ? I understand its your to-go recipe you use for all your cakes! I would apreciate your response thanks.

    1. My buttercream is usually pretty stiff! I like it that way for frosting cakes, because it keeps its shape and doesn’t bulge.

      However, the amount of heavy cream you need to add can vary based on the temp of your butter, the quality of your butter, even the temp of your kitchen! People in tropical environments sometimes add a bit less heavy cream. In the winter I find I have to add a bit more.

      In general though, I find piping with my buttercream works great!! But you can adjust as needed based on how your buttercream turns out. Hope that helps!

  112. Hello! I’m wondering about the correct consistency. Would you say it should form soft peaks or hard peaks when done for frosting a cake? Thank you for the help!

    1. Hi Wes! It comes down to your preference, but I like mine stiff for frosting cakes! It’s closer to stiff peak than soft peak, but American buttercream never can really form a true stiff peak!! Hope that helps!

  113. Hi! Love ur website~ its full of delicious inspirations! Quick question though- if i use less sugar, would that affect the outcome of the buttercream a lot? Thanks!

    1. Thanks Jenny! Adding less powdered sugar makes the frosting less stiff, so if you want to do that I’d recommend also using less cream, to make sure the consistency turns out correctly πŸ™‚ Hope that helps!!

  114. Hi! I have another question please. I would like to make your icing in advance, 2 cakes due for Saturday! Can I store it right in the piping bags that I’ll be using? I usually make as needed, however this time I’ll need 5 different colors. If so, how do I get out any extra air bubbles? Thank you as always, love your recipes ?

    1. You sure can, I do it all the time!! When I keep my frosting in bags, the consistency isn’t affected from chilling / thawing. Just make sure it’s super smooth before you put it in the piping bags πŸ™‚

    1. Hi Sammi! You can use salted butter and just omit adding the salt in the recipe, but this doesn’t allow you to know how much salt is going into the recipe. Different brands of butter use different amounts of salt, and this can change the taste of the frosting! This is why most recipes call for unsalted butter and a precise amount of salt. However, if you’re in a pinch and only have salted butter, you can use it – just know that it may taste a bit different!

  115. Will this make enough frosting for a crumb coat and also enough to decorate with? I will be doing 10” , 9”, 7”
    Layers that are about 3” thick! Thank you for this recipe!

    1. It also depends on how much frosting you add between the cake layers, and how many cake layers! I find that to fill, and frost / decorated an 8 inch cake with 4 layers, I like to use 1 1/4- 1 1/2 batches. I usually make a double batch to have extra on hand just in cakes.

      If you’re making a tiered cake with a 10 inch tier, a 9 inch tier, and a 7 inch tier, you’re going to need a LOT of frosting! I used almost 7 batches on my wedding cake, which had 12 inch, 10 inch, 8 inch, and 6 inch tiers. Hope that helps!!

  116. When you say you make 1 1/2 batches to stack and frost a 8 inch cake are you talking about 4 layers of cake? Also, if I wanted to double or triple this (for large cakes or storing some if I’m baking alot of different cakes) would you reccomend making it one batch at a time or Γ—2 or Γ—3 the ingredients and make it all together? What do you reccomend for large amounts of butter cream?

    1. I am! I usually use about 1 1/4 to 1 1/2 batches of my buttercream to frost an 8 inch layer cake with 4 layers. You can definitely make multiple batches at a time. I almost always make a double batch when I make frosting (I love having extra on hand since I bake so much!!). I made a few quadruple batch in my commercial kitchen aid for my wedding cake and it worked great! Hope that helps!!

  117. Hi, I wanted to make a sheet cake for my little sisters birthday party and would this recipe be enough for icing the whole cake and decorations?

    1. Hi Laetsha!

      It depends on the size of your sheet cake! Also, and you stacking two layers together to make the sheet cake, or just using one single layer? If it’s one single layer, it should be enough! But if your stacking, filling, and frosting two cake layers, you will definitely need more than 1 batch <3

    1. Hi Megan! You should be able to add in either almond extract (I suggest 2 tsp) or amaretto (1 Tbsp) in addition to the other ingredients in my frosting recipe! If you chose to add both, I recommend using less heavy cream, to make sure the frosting doesn’t get to thin. You also can add more or less of either, it’s all about adding to taste <3 hope that helps, happy baking!

    1. Depends on how large of swirls you’re piping on top of each cupcake, but I usually frost about 3 dozen cupcakes with one batch! I make really big swirls though, so you might be able to frost 4 dozen with one batch. Hope that helps, happy baking Tiffany <3

  118. Hi Chelsweets? Does
    The brand of heavy cream matters for flavor when making buttercream?? I use walmart brand which is cheaper than others but would use another brand for better quality!

  119. Hi! I tried making the buttercream and its too sweet for Asians palate. I tried reducing the powdered sugar by halve but it didnt turned as smooth like yours! Any other ways i can do to reduce the sweetness yet achieving the same great taste (and look) like yours? Im so tempted to try your salted caramel cake recipe but im concerned with the sweetness too. πŸ™

    1. Hi Jessie,

      I totally understand! American buttercream is by far the sweetest type! I’d recommend trying a swiss meringue buttercream next time, it’s less sweet and also easy to frost with! Hope that helps, happy baking <3

Let me know what you think!