Media Inquiries

I love partnering with brands and companies that are true to the Chelsweets brand!

Past partnerships have included a variety of deliverables that I’ve shared across my social platforms, and content I’ve made for brands to use on their own channels. My most common deliverables include the following:

  • Short form videos
  • Long form videos
  • Instagram story posts
  • High resolution photos
  • Recipe development
  • Blog posts
  • Live cake demonstrations at events
  • Private cake and cupcake lessons
  • Product giveaways
  • IG and FB story takeovers
  • Product reviews
  • Brand ambassador

For content creation requests, sponsored posts, and media appearances, please email me at [email protected] My media kit and rate card are available upon request.

Below are some examples of sponsored posts I shared in the past:

Photo of Chelsey White with pink candy drip cake

151 thoughts on “Media Inquiries

  1. Hi!
    It’s Angela from Instagram. So I’m getting married on June 6th & already have a wedding cake for all of my guests to eat BUT one guest and I are vegan so at the moment we have no cake =(. What’s a bride wih no cake? Sad! Haha. So I’ve been searching for someone to make me a beautiful vegan wedding cake. It doesn’t have to be anything crazy at all. Chocolate, vanilla whatever tastes the best and I would like it to be decorated nicely (doesn’t have to be too crazy). If your up for the task let me know! I’ve been searching high and low! I think you could get a good amount of clientel if if you found some good reciepes and started marketing to the vegan community. There’s a few bakeries in NYC/BK but non that market towards this.

      1. Please, please, please start shipping to Florida. My granddaughter is literally dying for your black iced “gothic” cake with the blue (2 shades), purple & pink 4-layered cake. I am crazy for the different shades of pink “rose” cake. Other bakeries ship fresh made desserts. Thank you.

  2. Would love a smaller version of Oreo brownie ganache miracle? Would you be able to have it ready on 5/21?

  3. Hi! I have two questions!

    1. Any chance you can have a cake ready for this Friday or Saturday?
    2. Do you deliver out of state?

    You’re cakes are beautiful! Just came across your page.

  4. Hi, do u have a baking kit page ? Like tools u use every day and where u get them ? Where do u get your supplies ? I am a beginning cake Artist myself and would love to know where you get your supplies and tools ?

  5. Hi there

    I love all of the work you do! My son’s first birthday party is on Nov 12 from 11 am to 1 pm. I was hoping to order a large dinosaur themed cake. There will be 30 to 35 people at the party. As far as flavor, we can do whatever you think looks good with your decor but would appeal to kids. As far as idea, I’ve really loved everything I’ve seen of yours so I trust you so let me your ideas. the More cute Dino then scary Dino since it’s for a baby. We live in Williamsburg so would come pick it up. Let me know if you are able to do it. Looking forward to hearing from you!

  6. Hi I am looking for your recipe for the pretzel cake and can not find it, do you share the recipes i know my family would love it thank you so very much

    1. Unfortunately I haven’t had time to post that recipe, I’m so sorry! The recipes for it are up piece meal, but I haven’t had a chance to pull them all together. I used my favorite chocolate cake base, by no thermometer caramel recipe, chocolate ganache, and crushed pretzels!!

  7. Hi Chelsea! I love your beautiful cakes that are always as beautiful as your smile in your videos :)! I have a question, how do you get the buttercream you use to be so white if I use butter and I dont have shortening or anything like that where I live, do you have any tips for me? Thanks a lot and keep on the beautiful work :)!

    1. You are too sweet! I use whole foods’ unsalted butter, which isn’t very yellow to begin with! It also gets whiter as I mix in the powdered sugar and cream, and especially once whip it up at the end! I never use shortening! I think a lot of it comes down to the butter you use, and incorporating air into the buttercream while mixing. Hope that helps πŸ™‚

  8. Hi – would be interested in your chicken and waffles cake – i know you are not accepting orders for early 2017 (feb) but if you get a cancellation I would be thrilled. Thanks so much!!! Love your videos btw

  9. Saw a video of you while scrolling through facebook and i wish you were a lot closer to me so you would be able to make my wedding cake. :\

  10. I love your sight and ALL of your recipes! I am a home baker and am interested in creating a blog of my own. Do you have any suggestions for an easy to use, free site, to start my own blog? How well does WordPress work for you? Also I want to buy a quality but cheap camera- do you have any suggestions? Thank you!

  11. Just a quick question, do you use dowels for any of your multi-layered/tiered cakes? I am planning on making my grandparents an anniversary cake. I need to transport it and I wonder if I need to add support to the two tier cake. What’s your advice? Thanks!

    1. yes! Whenever I make multi-tiered cakes, I always use dowels! The cake can’t support it’s own weight, and will slowly sink into itself if you don’t!! It’s usually best to transport the tiers to the location, then assembly it there! Best of luck πŸ™‚

  12. I just watched your video on the sprinkle splatter cake. It turned out great! How did you make the colored ganache? I have to make to drip cake in a few weeks and so far, yours has the consistancy and the final look I want.
    Thank you!

  13. I love your cakes and creativity!! For someone who was self taught, you are AWESOME! My kids (Ariana 10 and Noah 5) watch your live stream every Wednesday; I’m pretty sure Noah has a crush on you. I’ve always enjoyed baking and it’s something that my daughter and I love doing together. Keep up the awesome work and please keep those videos and tips coming!!
    I have a few questions:
    1) When you make your cakes, how long do you freeze them before you decorating?
    2) What kind of knife do you use, specifically that purple one to cut your cakes? I buy a lot if my supplies online, so if you know the name that would be great.
    3) Do you use Baker’s Joy or Non-stick spray if you don’t use parchment paper?

    1. Thanks! here are the answers to your questions:

      1) I usually freeze my cake layers overnight, and let them sit for about 20 minutes before I frost them.
      2) this is the knife:
      3) I cut out parchment rounds and spray with non-stick spray, as shown here:
      4) I usually make round cakes, but have also used this cake recipe in an 8×8 inch square pan.You just need to have at least 3/4 inch of batter in the pan.

      I’m not sure if it would work in a bundt pan, but most bundt cake recipes call for oil based cake batters, and this is a butter based recipe.

      Hope that helps, happy baking!!

      1. Thank you so much for the reply!! I can’t wait to try many of these new recipes as soon as I recover from my foot/ankle surgery I am back on my feet!!
        I wanted to confirm that you use unsalted butter and egg whites rather than eggs?
        Thsnk you again and I look forward to your livestream on Wednesday!!


      2. yup! unsalted butter allows you to control how much salt is being added to the recipe, and the cake is pretty dense if you don’t use egg whites! Hope you’re able to bake again soon, and have a quick recovery <3

  14. Help please I want to make your maple caramel cake for this weekend for a friends congratulations party. However, al I can find is your chicken and waffle cake and I don’t want that cake and it’s makin me sad. Pleaseeeeee help. Thank you. Jodie my email is

    1. It’s essentially the same thing just without the chicken! I also made a maple caramel, which is my no-thermometer caramel recipe plus 2.5 tsp of maple extract!

  15. Hi,

    I’m usually not a insta grouppie, but I LOOOOVE your page, we can see your evolution which is amazing. I bake cakes for fun so I’m not an expert so I have a few questions for you. I’m baking a cake for about 90 guests. I was thinking of baking it on wednesday or thursday for saturday night

    1) what is the advantage of freezing if I decorate the next day? I usually just put it in the fridge. If I use fondant, isn’t the fondant more likely to crak? What do you wrap them with? Do you cut your layers before freezing?

    2) How do you make a moist Vanilla cake? My chocolate cake is amazing but my vanilla tends to be dry and dense

    3) What’s your favorite moist vanilla cake recipe?

    1. I think the freezer keeps the layers more fresh, while the fridge can dry them home! I don’t use fondant, so I”m not sure. I don’t usually cut my layers, since they bake so flat. I just pop them into a large tupperwear container once they’re fully cooled. My favorite vanilla cake recipe is very moist, and is not a sponge cake. I use it for most of my cakes. If you google chelsweets vanilla cake recipe it will be the first link to pop up. Hope that helps!

  16. I have tried several different ways to make your red ganache for the wine glass cake. I have been using a toothpick to add the black so as not to add too much. My red coloring makes the chocolate turn quite pink and then adding the black in very small dabs makes it turn purple. I have finally got close to the color of red wine but it appears cloudy unlike yours in the video. Do you have any tips and or video that actually shows you making the ganache.

    1. what brand of gel food coloring are you using? I use americolor red, and it works great! Are you using gel food coloring? I have a video showing how I make white chocolate ganache, but it doesn’t show how to make this shade of red.

      1. I have tried three different types
        Wilton colouring
        Clubhouse red food colouring
        And then the Wilton gel
        Each time I have used just a dab of black and it just turns a purple colour.

  17. can you freeze a fully decorated cake? i live in dc but would be willing to take the train up to nyc for a day trip and to pick a birthday cake for myself.

    1. It depends on the cake. It is possible, but usually results in a lot of condensation and can mess up certain decorations. If I ever freeze a cake, I put in the fridge to thaw before letting it get to room temperature, to help reduce the temperature shock. Hope that helps!

  18. Looking for some advice as I’ve been given the great honour of making the wedding cake for a friend. Your work has been an inspiration and would like to know what buttercream recipe you use.

    My friend has chosen a design which I know I can achieve but I’m a bit worried on how it will stand up to being on display from midday to the evening before being cut. In the U.K. I could be lovely and hot and just warm, so hoping that the frosting won’t melt and slide off the cake… disaster on the big day.

    Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated,

    Many thanks,

    1. I don’t really make wedding cakes, so I don’t have much advice regarding that! My buttercream recipe is a crusting recipe, and holds up pretty well. However, if you want a super stable buttercream, you will need to add some shortening into it! My go to recipe is all butter. Hope that helps!

  19. Hi, I was wondering if you ship cakes to PA? I fell in love with your sushi cake and would love to have it for my next birthday !
    Thanks so much!

  20. I would love to order one of your cakes, i just need a pricing range. I’ve always dreamed about the oreo and nutella cake for my birthday. Thank you.

  21. Unless I can’t find it anywhere, it would be great if you shared your favorite tools in a post or article! Like baking pans, mixer, bowls, spatula, etc. πŸ™‚ PS. I’m attempting the chocolate overload cake soon!

  22. What kind of butter cream/whats the recipe that you use to get a smooth finish on your cakes like the unicorn cake? I saw your american buttercream recipe but Ive heard that it does allow for a smooth finish. So I was wondering if you had any other recipe that you use if you don’t mind sharing

    1. I use American buttercream on all my cakes! The recipe is up on, and I also have a tutorial for how to smoothly frost a cake on my YouTube channel, chelsweets bakery. Hope that helps!!

  23. Anyway these cakes can be turned into 2 layer cake vs 4 layer cakes? would you just halve the cake and frosting recipes? what about turning them into 3 layer cakes?

    1. exactly! If you want just three layers, you can still use the same amount of batter but make three slightly taller layers! Really depends on what you’re after!

  24. I am looking for a recipe on how to make black drip for a cake? Would I just mix Heavy Cream with Black Icing Die and Dark Chocolate?

    1. I have not! But I do mix in pretty frequently, and they usually work great! I bet pineapple would taste great! I’d just be sure to drain out most of the liquid, or offset the extra juice by reducing the amount of buttermilk!!

  25. Hi Chelsweets! I’m a huge fan and love all of your recipes and videos, keep them coming! I have a question regarding freezing cakes. If I want to decorate the same day, should I freeze the cake layers for an hour or two? And then thaw for a couple minutes before frosting? I read in an earlier comment that you normally freeze yours overnight and then thaw for 20 minutes. I’m just worried about condensation?

    Also, if I decide not to freeze the layers, but just freeze the cake after the crumb coat has been added for 5 minutes before adding more frosting, will that be okay?

    Thank you in advance! πŸ™‚

    1. I just like to freeze the layers because it makes it easier to frost, but it’s not necessary! If you froze then for an hour or two, that would be fine. They also thaw as you frost, so condensation isn’t usually an issue! It’s really just a matter of preference!

  26. You inspire me! I took a Wilton decorating course many years ago and enjoyed doing cakes but haven’t done it in a long time. Just bought a turntable and am going to make your chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream and chocolate ganache drips. I could only find 8″ round pans, though. Your recipe calls for four, 7″ rounds. Would I only use three, 8″ or use the four pans and the cakes just wouldn’t be as thick. Thanks!

    1. I actually use the recipe in both 7inch and 8 inch pans, and make four layers of each! I enjoy the 8 inch rounds for certain projects, when I need more surface area on top of the cake, or don’t want it to be quite as tall πŸ™‚ So happy to hear you’re getting back into baking!!

  27. Hi! I am from Canada and have searched everywhere for black cocoa powder however can’t get the brand you use (even amazon), do you have any suggestions of others, or suggestions on what to look for in the product as I don’t want to affect the buttercream. Thanks πŸ™‚

  28. Hello Sweetie??
    It’s Priya From India. I want To Say First That Your Bakes Your Talent??Headsoff To That Darling??Also Want To Ask One Thing,
    Do You Teach Baking Or Just You Sell?
    If Your Answere Is Yes Then
    OMG??I will Be The Blessed One To Learn Baking From You??
    And If Your Answere Is No
    So It’s A Request??
    Will You Teach Me If I m Ready To Come Newyork
    β€’JUST ONLY IF β€’YOUβ€’ WILL TEACH MEβ€’???
    Please It’s a Humble Request To You Darling??
    Your Instagram Follower-priya__harwani
    Thankyou So Much??
    Eagerly Waiting For Your Reply??

  29. Regarding your Best Vanilla Cake Recipe….. could I add cocoa to the dry ingredients to make it chocolate? I’m looking for a recipe that I can divide and make one layer white, the other chocolate without having to make 2 cake batters. If so, how much cocoa (or melted chocolate) would you recommend?

      1. Thank you. One more question….. can I substitute cake flour or does the all purpose work better?

  30. I just wanted to say thank you for these amazing recipes and cake tutorials! My daughter (5) and I watch at least one of your videos every day. We have even made several and they turned out beautifully. I appreciate you offering everything open source and we love the ideas you have! We pretty much live for the slicing into the cake part of the videos. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  31. Hi, my name is Ava Connell, and I am a sophomore at Carmel High School in Carmel, Indiana and I am doing a project in one of my classes about exploring careers. Since you are a baker and that is the profession that I plan to be in in the future, I was wondering if you have some time in your schedule for me to ask you a few questions about how you became successful?

    1. I actually don’t do chelsweets as a job, it’s just a hobby/side hustle! I work in finance full time. I think it’d be better for you do interview someone who bakes full time <3

  32. Hi, I am also a baker in Manhattan and love seeing your content. Since you do this as a side gig did this require you to get a business license and permit in order to sell any of your products? I’m looking into the entire process and was hoping to find some more information out from someone who is already doing something similar. Thanks!

    1. It does require permits if you plan to sell your baked goods! I don’t actually sell my cakes, I only sell the footage of my cakes. I do have a business permit, but my kitchen isn’t certified.

  33. Hi Chelsey,
    Please can you give me some advice guidance on getting smooth buttercream frosting.
    I have done EVERYTHING possible ( butter, normal margarine, baking margarine, sieve and triple sieved powdered sugar and more!!), but my buttercream stays gritty πŸ™ .

    Any advice you can give me to get smooth frosting would be greatly appreciated!!. Thanks so much xxx

    1. if your buttercream is gritty, it’s because of the powdered sugar you’re using! I’d recommend trying a different brand. If your powdered sugar is fine enough, your buttercream will be nice and smooth!

  34. Chelsea! One time i saw on your instagram story that you shipped a slice of cake (or a few) to your sister. My question is how far away did that get shipped? And any tips on how to do so? Trying to send a few slices of cake to a friend in Virginia and I am in Tennessee (i definitely won’t be sending cream cheese frosting, BC all the way on this). THANK YOU!

    1. I literally smash a slice into a freezer Ziploc bag, flatten it as much as possible, and stick it a priority envelope to ship it. The presentation is awful (my sister doesn’t care), but it still tastes great πŸ˜›

  35. Chelsey, my granddaughter would like a “mermaid” cake for her upcoming birthday. I was thinking of making a aqua-colored buttercream for the entire cake, then making “waves” with the sea form on the top where I will place a mermaid on a rock. But I have no idea how to go about doing that. Any ideas, please?

  36. Thank you for your advice on color but do you have any ideas on how I can make sea waves on top of the cake?

  37. I have looked around for 7″ round cake pans and I can’t seem to find them. Can you tell me where you buy yours from? I have the 6″ rounds and 8 1/2″ but I really want to make the 7″ cakes.

  38. Hello Chelsey, I love your cakes and love following you on instagram. I have a question, what cake stand do you use for your decorating and how do you kee the cardboard still on the stand. My stand is a wilton plastic spinner. The cardboard always slides, I find myself holding to to try to get a smooth side. Any suggestions would be great. Thankyou for time and keep on creating!!

  39. I tried the vanilla cupcake recipe that you’ve posted, but I like the classic vanilla cake recipe better. Have you ever tried the vanilla layer cake recipe for your cupcakes? Is there a reason why you have to separate recipes ?

  40. Hello Chelsey, I follow you on IG and love all your cake decorating:) I haven’t had much luck with the vanilla cake recipes out there. I have mastered many chocolate cake recipes and can almost do this blind folded lol and I have advanced to making mousse and berry fillings, ganache and I can make awesome buttercream frostings…but the vanilla cake recipes are complicated, some with egg whites, some with egg yolks, some with cake flour and some with regular flour…gosh too many options! Some recipes call for placing rack lower middle for baking and others are middle rack. I notice your vanilla cake recipe calls for regular flour instead of cake flour, can you explain why you chose this method? I believe regular flour gives the cake a “heavier” weight? I also want to know what rack level and how long you would bake a cake if using 8×3 rounds or 8×2 rounds? I believe using a deeper cake pan would require for you to adjust rack level and time and probably would not be able to use a heavier cake batter due to the thickness and not baking in the center. Any help would be great! Thanks Connie

    1. my vanilla layer cake recipe is a buttermilk cake base, and it somewhat dense! because of that, it needs regular flour to balance the moisture from the buttermilk! I think middle racks would be ideal, but I don’t even have a full sized oven, so I can barely fit my four pans on my top and middle baking racks. This cake does bake with caramelization on the sides, unless you use damp baking strips! I just trim the sides of the cake with a serrated knife to remove this. Hope that helps, happy baking!

    1. I dont, but I do have a chocolate and vanilla layer cake recipe up! I usually make a half batch of both batters, then swirl them together πŸ™‚

  41. I am preparing to make a bridal shower cake in a few days. I want to make a two tiered cake. Two 10″ bottoms and two 8″ on top. I was looking at your basic vanilla cake recipe and I saw they are for 7″ cakes. What do you recommend I do with your recipe for what I need to make? I’m not real into making multiple cakes so I usually always end up scatch making for one smaller cake at a time. Thanks in advance!

    Justine S.

    1. Depends on how thick you want your layers to be! if you’re only using 2 layers in each tier, you probably want them pretty thick! i’d recommend one batch for the 2 8 inch layers, and at least 2 batches for the 2 10 inch layers <3

  42. My biggest dilemma w making specialty cakes is what to charge. What would u charge for your pink candy cake or your blue snowflake cake?

    1. I haven’t sold cakes in years, but it all comes down to the cost of ingredients, plus your hourly rate x expected time to make the cake! This can vary a lot based on your experience, skill, and your clientele! But you can also get feedback based on how people respond. If no one challenges your prices, they’re too low. If everyone walks away once you price a cake, they’re too high. Hope that helps, sorry I can’t be more specific, it really does just vary a lot!! <3

  43. What program do you use to edit your videos? Could you also create a post for your favorite content creation tools/behind the scenes of planning and creating one of your videos? (Lighting equipment, tripod, microphone, etc.)
    Congratulations on taking your business to the next level!

    1. Definitely, it’s been on my to do list forever!! Hoping to have that up soon πŸ™‚ I use filmora Wondershare and sometimes just iMovie!

      and thank you!! <3

  44. sorry if this is a duplicate comment, I don’t see the one I initially posted…what program do you use to edit your videos? I would love to see a blog post on your planning and creative process – a behind the scenes of making a video/what your favorite photography tools (editing program, lighting, tripod, etc.) are. congratulations on taking your business to the next level!

    1. no worries! I just was behind in commenting back! I just responded on first comment! This past week was a whirl wind!!! <3

  45. Question. If you are making an 8″ cake in diameter for a wedding cake, are your layers a full cake? My pan is 2″ deep. So do you make 4 cakes for that or 2 and split them? I am going to try and make one for my son’s wedding and was just curious.

    1. I personally like to bake 4 individual layers, but some cake recipes call for baking just 2 layers and torting them horizontally. It depends on what recipe you’re using!

  46. Love the loom of the mirror glaze. For the mirror glaze cake could you do that on a full sheet cake? I was going to try and do it for a cake I’m making I noticed that all your cakes are small round cakes

    1. Hi Rachel! You can pour this glaze over any type of cake! I just like making round cakes, which is why I poured mine over that πŸ˜› But it should be great to pour over a full sheet cake!!

    1. Hi Ellen! You’re in luck, I’m sharing my yellow layer cake recipe on November 18th! It’s coming, I promise!! πŸ™‚

  47. Do you do any meet and greets for the public? I will be in NYC 11/22-11/26 and would live to meet you in person. I use your recipes and they are a hit everytime!

    1. Hi Joan! I would love to meet you, but I’m going to be in Savannah then! It’s a long story, but I’m judging a gingerbread house competition!! I’m so sorry, I hope you have a wonderful trip <3

  48. I have literally decided last night to start my own cake business out of my home! I went straight to YouTube to start my research. Typed in, how to start a cake business from home. And you were the first to pop up. Three hours later I’ve watched at least 20 videos if yours! I just loved how clear and concise you were on the what you need to essentially start the business. I think I heard right that you were an accountant. I am a year away from an accounting degree so your emphasis on coming up with pricing your time caught my eye immediately. Chelsea, you will be my go to mentor as I start this journey of baking cakes in my kitchen starts!!! Thank you!??

    1. Hi Carrie,

      That is so wonderful to hear! I am a CPA πŸ™‚ Haha I’d love to be your mentor!! I’m much quicker at responding to emails than comments, so you can email me at [email protected] with questions <3

  49. Hi! I was wondering if cake made using cake mix ( I know they are not the same in taste) would work for a wedding cake? I’m trying to find ways that would be more cost effective for me. Would the cake not hold?

    1. Hi Kawthar,

      Sadly I’m not sure, I’ve never tried doing that! A lot of times buying ingredients on their own (flour, granulated sugar, etc.) and making batter from scratch are actually cheaper than buying a bunch of cake mixes though <3 Sorry I can’t be of more help!

      1. Hello there. I’m glad I stumbled upon this window! My sister was a professional cake decorator for several bakeries in my city. She has completed A LOT of wedding cakes over the years. She’s very picky. We only use Duncan Heinz for baking cakes. After cooling, she also sprays on an reduced Amaretto spray on the cakes to keep them from drying out when it’s time to assemble and decorate. Don’t forget to put wooden dowels inside the cake layers. If its chocolate flavor, bake 5 minutes less when using a teflon coated or dark aluminum pan. God’s Blessings and Protection during this Crisis.

  50. Hello..
    I plan on making your beer cake mug for Father’s Day but can I use Italian meringue or Swiss meringue buttercream instead of the vanilla American buttercream, for the foam , the frosting in between the cakes , the crumb coat and final frosting? Will I still be able to create the tan shade I too?

  51. Hello.
    I plan on making the beer cake mug for Father’s Day . Just wondering if I can use Swiss or Italian meringue buttercream instead of the Vanilla American buttercream listed ( for the in between layers, crumb coat and final coat) and will either of those meringue take to the tan colour of the gel colouring?
    Kind of nervous making this. I hope it is as easy as it looks…
    Thx you.

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