Media Inquiries

I love partnering with brands and companies that are true to the Chelsweets brand! Past partnerships have included a variety of deliverables that I’ve shared across my social platforms, and content I’ve made for brands to use on their own channels. My most common deliverables include the following:

  • Short form videos
  • Long form videos
  • Instagram story posts
  • High resolution photos
  • Recipe development
  • Blog posts
  • Live cake demonstrations at events
  • Private cake and cupcake lessons
  • Product giveaways
  • IG and FB story takeovers
  • Product reviews
  • Brand ambassador

For content creation requests, sponsored posts, and media appearances, please email me at [email protected] My media kit is available upon request.

Below are some examples of sponsored posts I shared in the past:



148 thoughts on “Media Inquiries

  1. I am preparing to make a bridal shower cake in a few days. I want to make a two tiered cake. Two 10″ bottoms and two 8″ on top. I was looking at your basic vanilla cake recipe and I saw they are for 7″ cakes. What do you recommend I do with your recipe for what I need to make? I’m not real into making multiple cakes so I usually always end up scatch making for one smaller cake at a time. Thanks in advance!

    Justine S.

    1. Depends on how thick you want your layers to be! if you’re only using 2 layers in each tier, you probably want them pretty thick! i’d recommend one batch for the 2 8 inch layers, and at least 2 batches for the 2 10 inch layers <3

  2. My biggest dilemma w making specialty cakes is what to charge. What would u charge for your pink candy cake or your blue snowflake cake?

    1. I haven’t sold cakes in years, but it all comes down to the cost of ingredients, plus your hourly rate x expected time to make the cake! This can vary a lot based on your experience, skill, and your clientele! But you can also get feedback based on how people respond. If no one challenges your prices, they’re too low. If everyone walks away once you price a cake, they’re too high. Hope that helps, sorry I can’t be more specific, it really does just vary a lot!! <3

  3. What program do you use to edit your videos? Could you also create a post for your favorite content creation tools/behind the scenes of planning and creating one of your videos? (Lighting equipment, tripod, microphone, etc.)
    Congratulations on taking your business to the next level!

    1. Definitely, it’s been on my to do list forever!! Hoping to have that up soon 🙂 I use filmora Wondershare and sometimes just iMovie!

      and thank you!! <3

  4. sorry if this is a duplicate comment, I don’t see the one I initially posted…what program do you use to edit your videos? I would love to see a blog post on your planning and creative process – a behind the scenes of making a video/what your favorite photography tools (editing program, lighting, tripod, etc.) are. congratulations on taking your business to the next level!

    1. no worries! I just was behind in commenting back! I just responded on first comment! This past week was a whirl wind!!! <3

  5. Question. If you are making an 8″ cake in diameter for a wedding cake, are your layers a full cake? My pan is 2″ deep. So do you make 4 cakes for that or 2 and split them? I am going to try and make one for my son’s wedding and was just curious.

    1. I personally like to bake 4 individual layers, but some cake recipes call for baking just 2 layers and torting them horizontally. It depends on what recipe you’re using!

  6. Love the loom of the mirror glaze. For the mirror glaze cake could you do that on a full sheet cake? I was going to try and do it for a cake I’m making I noticed that all your cakes are small round cakes

    1. Hi Rachel! You can pour this glaze over any type of cake! I just like making round cakes, which is why I poured mine over that 😛 But it should be great to pour over a full sheet cake!!

    1. Hi Ellen! You’re in luck, I’m sharing my yellow layer cake recipe on November 18th! It’s coming, I promise!! 🙂

  7. Do you do any meet and greets for the public? I will be in NYC 11/22-11/26 and would live to meet you in person. I use your recipes and they are a hit everytime!

    1. Hi Joan! I would love to meet you, but I’m going to be in Savannah then! It’s a long story, but I’m judging a gingerbread house competition!! I’m so sorry, I hope you have a wonderful trip <3

  8. I have literally decided last night to start my own cake business out of my home! I went straight to YouTube to start my research. Typed in, how to start a cake business from home. And you were the first to pop up. Three hours later I’ve watched at least 20 videos if yours! I just loved how clear and concise you were on the what you need to essentially start the business. I think I heard right that you were an accountant. I am a year away from an accounting degree so your emphasis on coming up with pricing your time caught my eye immediately. Chelsea, you will be my go to mentor as I start this journey of baking cakes in my kitchen starts!!! Thank you!??

  9. Hi! I was wondering if cake made using cake mix ( I know they are not the same in taste) would work for a wedding cake? I’m trying to find ways that would be more cost effective for me. Would the cake not hold?

    1. Hi Kawthar,

      Sadly I’m not sure, I’ve never tried doing that! A lot of times buying ingredients on their own (flour, granulated sugar, etc.) and making batter from scratch are actually cheaper than buying a bunch of cake mixes though <3 Sorry I can’t be of more help!

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