photo of birthday hat cake

Birthday Cake Hat

Some celebrations call for a birthday cake hat!! Or a party hat cake, whatever you want to call it. Alisha Henderson inspired me to make this cake with her adorable floral party hat cake. I actually made this cake for my "retirement" party, despite it looking like a birthday hat cake. … Continue reading
Image of Baileys Chocolate Cake

Baileys Chocolate Cake

With St. Patrick's Day looming around the corner, it just seems right to whip up a Baileys chocolate cake. When I think about St. Patrick's Day, I see shamrocks, green beer, and coffee spiked with Baileys. Here in New York City, people go all out on St. Patrick's Day. It's hard to walk … Continue reading

Naked Chocolate Cake

If you've ever struggled with frosting a cake, this naked chocolate cake is perfect for you. It's made with moist chocolate cake layers, whipped chocolate buttercream, and chocolate ganache. And best of all? This beautiful look is one of the easiest ways to decorate a cake. What Is A Naked … Continue reading

Olive Oil Cake Recipe

I've never made a cake, or any baked good for that matter, with olive oil before. A majority of my cake recipes use butter as the fat. I've made a few cakes with vegetable oil or shortening, but in the past I haven't really ventured beyond these. That all changed when I was asked to make an olive … Continue reading

Snowflake Cake

I used to think making a snowflake cake had to be complicated. You either were making individual snowflakes out of fondant (like my Winter Wonderland Cake), or using white chocolate to pipe snowflakes one by one (like this beautiful cake by The Preppy Kitchen). But after experimenting with a few … Continue reading