Healthy Gummy Bears

Gummy bears…such a playful, yummy treat! I’ve always loved gummy bears, but haven’t had any in a while since I’m trying to cut back on my candy consumption. But when I saw this recipe for HEALTHY gummy bears, I realized that I no longer had to resist! I still can’t believe how healthy these gummies are:

Per Serving: 20 Gummy Bears

22 Calories, 0g Fat, 6g Sodium, 28g Potassium, 3g Carbs, .07g Fiber, 2.2g Sugar, 2g protein

I got a little creative with my flavors, and opted to make blueberry-grapefruit, banana, mango-strawberry, and cherry-pomegranate. I never would have guessed, but banana actually turned out to be my favorite!  You can really make whatever flavors you want as long as you stick to this basic formula:

  • 1 Cup (preferably fresh squeezed) Fruit Juice
  • 2 Cups Fresh Fruit
  • 5 Packets (or 5 tbsp) Unflavored Gelatin
  • 2 Packets Stevia (or tbsp honey).

So I went to the store and bought and excessive amount of fruits and gelatin, and began.


The first flavor I made was grapefruit-blueberry. I’m a BIG grapefruit fan, and couldn’t wait to try this one! To make this flavor I used these ingredients:


I squeezed an entire grapefruit into a mixing bowl, along with the juice of half a lemon and lime, and added two little containers of blueberries. I heated this mixture up on the stove until it boiled, then let it simmer on medium until the berries seemed thoroughly cooked through. I let the mixture cool down for about ten minutes, then beat it in my blender until it was smooth. Once the mixture had the right consistency, I added the stevia and gelatin packets, and whipped the mixture up one more time to evenly incorporate the gelatin.


At that point, I poured the mixture out onto a cookie sheet and popped it in the fridge.If you want thicker gummy bears, use a glass baking tray or a smaller piece of tupperwear. When using a cookie sheet, the gummy bears were about a half a centimeter thick. I experimented as I went, and used a cookie tray, plastic tupperwear containers, and 9 inch circular cake trays.


While taste testing later in this process, I discovered I like my gummy bears a little thicker, and in the future would choose to use the plastic tupperwear.

I then made my other three flavors, using a cherry-pomegranate POM juice, Mango Naked Juice, Bananas, and a ton of strawberries. I followed the same process. I noticed that each flavor took about an hour to congealed. Once they were all ready to be cut, I spread them out across my kitchen table and went to work! I had three different sized gummy bear cutters, so I made a variety of sizes.


They turned out great!I love how versatile this recipe is, and think that next time I want to try a strawberry-kiwi and tropical pineapple flavor 😀


Let me know what you think!