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Mint Chocolate Chip Cake

Each month I pull together a list of cake ideas and flavors, and then pick out my favorites to make! I’m always asking you guys what cake I should make next, and I love your suggestions. A recurring suggestion I’ve received is for a mint chocolate chip cake.

When I think of mint and chocolate, all I think of is mint chocolate chip ice cream. I’m not sure if that’s where everyone else’s mind goes, but it is the inspiration for this cake!

overhead of mint chocolate chip cake

The Components of this Mint Chocolate Chip Cake

As I came up with the concept, I knew I wanted to include mini chocolate chips, and definitely some chopped up chocolate in the decoration!

I went back and forth quite a bit trying to decide whether the cake should be made with chocolate  or mint cake layers.

I decided to pick mint cake layers, so that the mini chocolate chips I added to the batter would be visible. Since I went with mint cake layers, it made sense to fill this cake a milk chocolate ganache.

Despite filling the cake with ganache, I really wanted to cake to be green on the outside. That’s where the mint chocolate chip buttercream came into play.

And boy was I happy it did. When I took a step from the finished cake, it was exactly how I hoped it would turn out. Minty, chocolaty, and chippy 😛

This cake is made using the below recipes:

  • 1 batch of my layer cake recipe + 2 tsp mint extract + 2 drops of green gel food coloring+ 3/4 cup of mini chocolate chips
  • 1.5 batches of my milk chocolate ganache
  • 1 batch of my american buttercream + 2 tsp mint extract, and 2 drops of green gel food coloring + 1/2 cup of finely chopped chocolate
  • 1 cup chopped up chocolate, for decoration

Step 1: Make the Ganache

Begin by making the ganache filling. It needs a few hours to set, so I highly recommend making it first, or even the day before!

To make it, place both the milk chocolate (1125 grams or about 3 bags of chocolate chips) and heavy cream (375 grams) in a heat proof bowl, and heat for 30 second increments (stirring between).

Usually after about 2 minutes of heat, all the chocolate is melted. Once the mixture is fully incorporated, place plastic wrap over the top of the ganache, and let it sit overnight (or at least a few hours).

Before adding the room temperature ganache to a cake, give it a slow stir with a spatula to ensure it’s nice and smooth, and the right consistency.

chocolate ganache

Step 2: Make the Mint Cake Layers

Next, prepare the the cake layers and buttercream, as directed in the above recipes, and adding  the mint extract, green gel food coloring, and chocolate at the end of the process. Make 4, 8-inch cake layers.

I also trimmed away the caramelization once they layers had fully cooled, using a serrated knife! This is totally optional, but I feel like it helps the pastel green shade of the cake really stand out!

Step 3: Assembling this Mint Chocolate Chip Cake

Once the layers are fully cooled, begin to stack them and spread an even layer of ganache over each layer.

spreading ganache onto layers

Use some of  the leftover ganache to cover the cake in a thin crumb coat.

Place the remaining ganache into a piping bag, fitted with your favorite french tip (I used an Ateco 869, which is a HUGE french tip).

Smooth using a bench scraper, and chill in the fridge for about 10 minutes (or until the ganache is firm to the touch)

ganache crumb coat

Next, cover the cake in a thick layer of the mint chip buttercream. It’s important that you use enough buttercream, so that the chocolate ganache doesn’t show through the frosting.

Smooth using an offset spatula and bench scraper. Be very careful as you smooth, as the chocolate bits in the buttercream can drag and ruin your perfectly smooth sides!

As you smooth, try to hold the bench scraper at a more parallel than perpendicular angle to the cake.

This allows the chocolate pieces to be gently pressed into the frosting, rather than dragged along the sides. You can see a full tutorial on how to frost a cake with smooth sides here.

mint chocolate chip frosting smoothing

Pipe a ganache border around the top of the cake, using the remaining ganache. Once piped, add the chopped chocolate bits onto the top of the cake.

Use the back of a spoon to gently press then onto the frosting, to help them stay in place.

piping on ganache boarder

If desired, you can also add mini chocolate chips to the base of the cake! Use a small offset spatula to gently press them in to the frosting.

Then you just need a color-coordinated knife to cut into this cake!! 😛 Totally kidding, but I really do love when one of my knives matches the color theme of a cake.

I’ve been really into this iridescent knife, and figured it was perfect for this cake.

I was so happy with how mint-centric (is that a thing??) this cake turned out, and loved the way it tasted 🙂

best sliced chocolate mint cake


Saturday 18th of February 2023

Iā€™m wanting to get the color of cake just right. I remember that you have used the Americolor brand in previous recipes.

Do you have a recommended shade or alternative gel for this recipe?


Tuesday 21st of February 2023

Hi Elizabeth,

I used a small squirt of Americolor leaf green to achieve this color! Here's the link:

Hope that helps, happy baking!


Sunday 10th of January 2021

I plan to make a 6ā€ cake. If I use you vanilla 6ā€ cake recipe, how much mint extract & chocolate chips would you recommend that I add to that recipe?


Friday 3rd of July 2020


It looks ameizing and I want to make it. But I live in Norway so I don't now we're to find mint Extrakt. Could I use a strong mint tea? Ore were did you buy your extract?

Alicia Jaramillo

Wednesday 29th of April 2020

Before I make this cake, (which looks amazing BTW) is the icing on this cake green because you wanted mint color or does the cake not have enough flavor of mint to show the mint flavor? I want to put the ganache on the outside too, but have concerns about the flavor of the cake. Thanks! ?


Tuesday 19th of May 2020

Hi Alicia,

I think the cake has just the right amount of mint flavor, but the mint extract doesn't add any color. I like the look of the cake to match the flavor, which is why I added a bit of green food coloring. Hope that makes sense, happy baking!