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Fox Cake

I have admired Lyndsay Sung’s (aka @cococakeland) adorable cake designs for years! She has such a distinctive style, and her cakes are so iconic. Including her adorable fox cake!

Coco fox front of book-2

Her designs have gone viral on so many different social avenues over the years (Pinterest, tumblr, instagram, and of course her blog!), and I love seeing her creativity.

She just released her first cake book!! It’s filled with the cutest cakes, paired with her charming whit! It’s a great read, and shares how Coco Cake Land came to be.

To celebrate her book, I decided to make her orange fox cake! I used Lyndsay’s vanilla cream cake recipe in her book, paired with her simple buttercream recipe.

coco fox book open-2

It was so fun trying some different recipes, and I loved the way the cake tasted. My review of her book?? 10/10!! If you want to purchase a copy, you can buy her book here.

Her book has amazing step by step instructions and photos, which is so wonderful for all the visual learners out there (like me!).

I opted to fill the cake with orange buttercream, to create a colorful cross section when I cut into the cake.

I began by stacking my 8 inch cake layers, and frosting an even layer of orange buttercream on top of each cake layer.

Next, I added thin crumb coat to the outside of the cake using the same orange frosting.

I smoothed it using a bench scrapper, then chilled the cake in the freezer for 5 minutes to help the frosting firm up.

I added a layer of uncolored white buttercream onto the top of the cake, then used the only grass tip I had on hand (Wilton 234) to pipe fur around the sides of the cake.

To ensure the frosting in my piping bag didn’t get too warm, I took breaks while doing this.

I also wrapped a few paper towels around my piping bag to minimize the transfer of heat from my hand to the frosting.

If the frosting gets too warm, it won’t hold it’s shape once it’s piped, and can even change color (it will deepen in shade).

If you run into this problem, you can always pop you frosting bag in the fridge for a couple minutes. Or you can let the bag rest for about 10 minutes.

Once I had covered the sides of my cake, I followed Lyndsay’s suggestion and traced the outline of the fox’s face using my offset spatula.

This helps ensure the face is symmetrical and creates a great guide to pipe around.

partially made fox face-3

Once I completed piping fur onto the top of the cake, I made my fondant details.

I followed the instructions in Lysnday’s book for these too. It shares how much fondant to use and great tips on how to create cute facial expressions.

I let the fondant bits sit for about 20 minutes on a piece of parchment paper to let them firm up.

image of a cute fox cake decorated with buttercream

Then I placed them on top of the cake and pressed the ears into the side.

And voila!! I was happy with how this fox cake turned out and think Lyndsay would be proud of this little guy 🙂

This cake was almost too cute to cut into…ALMOST!

I was super eager to cut myself a slice and try a bite. I really enjoy Lyndsay’s buttercream recipe, which is slightly less sweet than my American buttercream recipe.

Since it’s less sweet, I feel like I’m able to eat more of it, right??

image of a slice of cake cut from a fox cake

The vanilla cream cake was also delicious, and was such an interesting recipe!

I highly recommend checking out Lyndsay’s book, Coco Cake Land!! You can also see the full tutorial below:

Lyndsay Sung

Sunday 16th of September 2018

Chelsea!! You are so amazing, thank you for the kind words and for your cakey support!! Your fox turned out perfectly!!! Xoxo Lyndsay


Tuesday 18th of September 2018

Of course!! I had a blast making it. Congrats again on your book!!! <3