Freezing Cake Layers

Image of cake layers made in advance and frozen

This year I’m trying to blog my answers to the questions you guys ask the most! One popular question is how far in advance you can make cake layers. To answer this, we need to talk about freezing cake layers!

Some people are hesitant to freeze their cake layers, fearful that the freezer will dry them out.

I promise freezing cake layers doesn’t change the texture or taste at all, if they’re properly wrapped!

photos of my funfetti wedding cake layers, made in advance by freezing cake layers

I’m hoping this post will also answer other common questions, like:

  • When do I freeze a cake?
  • How do I freeze cake layers?
  • Should I level my layers before I freeze my cake layers?
  • Do I thaw the layers before I make the cake?
  • How far ahead of time can I make cake layers?
  • How should I store my cake layers?
  • Why should I freeze my cake layers?

Making a cake from scratch takes hours of work, from baking all the layers, to preparing the frosting and decorations. If you try to do it all in one day, it takes forever, and seems like so much more of a chore.

I used to work full time in corporate finance, and frequently baked after work or on the weekends.

I loved to bake my layers one night, prep my frosting and cake fillings another, and then enjoy the decorating process over the weekend.

While baking is therapeutic in it’s own way, my favorite part of making cakes is decorating them! It brings me so much joy, and is truly my creative outlet.

I find I’m able to enjoy it most when I’m not worrying about how much longer my layers need to bake, or cleaning up the clouds of powdered sugar that seem to coat my kitchen whenever I make frosting.

How to Freeze Cake Layer in Advance

I almost always make my cake components in advance! When making my cake layers ahead of time, I take my pans out of the oven, then run an offset spatula around the edge of the pan to separate the layers from the pan.

After this, I place the warm pans directly into my freezer.

Sounds crazy, right?? Hot pans right into the freezer?? It dramatically accelerates the cooling process, and I love being able to speed up the process a bit.

After about 30 minutes, once the pans are cool to the touch, I remove my cake layers from my pans by gently tapping the pans upside-down on my counter, and carefully removing the layers with my hands.

To be completely honest, if I am just freezing my cake layers overnight, I don’t wrap them.

I just place them back into the freezer, on cardboard cake rounds to ensure they freeze flat. I’ve found it makes no difference in taste, and makes the whole process simpler.

Making a Cake a Few Days in Advance

However, if making my layers more than a day in advance, I either wrap each layer in Saran Wrap, or place them into a large tupperware container (if the layers are small enough).

I prefer the Tupperware route since it’s less wasteful, but when freezing cake layers for longer periods of time (more than a few days), I think Saran Wrap works best.

wrapped cake layer on cardboard round

Making Cake Layers Further in Advance

If you plan to make you cake layers more than a few days in advance, I highly recommend doubling up to protect your cake layers from freezer burn.

There are a few different ways you can do this:

  • Wrap cake layers in two layers of Saran Wrap
  • First wrap cake layers in Saran Wrap, then wrap in second layer of foil
  • Wrap in Saran Wrap then place in air tight tupperware container
  • Wrap in Saran Wrap, then place into large ziplock freezer bag

My vanilla layer cake recipe can be made three weeks in advance, if wrapped properly.  I’ve only made layers three weeks in advance, and I haven’t tested the upper limits.

If any of you have frozen my cake layer recipe for longer, please let me know the duration, and how they tasted.

I’ve talked to other bakers, and some like to immediately pop their layer out of their pans, wrap them in plastic wrap while they’re still hot, and then place them in the freezer.

Both methods help keep moisture in the layers! If you think about steam rising from a baked good hot out of the oven, it’s moisture evaporating right out whatever you just baked!

By reducing the steam that leaves your cake layers, you’re helping them stay moist and delicious.

How to Thaw and Use Frozen Cake Layers

So now that you’ve frozen your cake layers, what do you do when it comes time to make the cake?!

I like to remove my layer from the freezer about 30 minutes before I want to begin frosting a cake.

I unwrap each layer and lay them out on my counter to thaw. Just after doing this (and while they’re still completely frozen), I like to trim the caramelization from the sides of my layers with a serrated knife.

I then let the layer thaw for 30 minutes (this can vary depending on the size of your cake layers). At this point they’re still chilled, but also slightly firm. This is when I level my cake layers using a serrated knife.

If you try to level the cake before it has thaw, it will be extremely difficult to cut through, making it more likely that the layers break.

image of freezing cake layers, thawed and stacked after being made a week in advance

The Benefits of Frosting Chilled Cake Layers

Once the layers are trimmed, leveled, and still slightly chilled, I begin to make the cake. I know sounds strange, but chilled cake layers are so much easier to stack and frost!

Chilling the cake layers reduces the amount of crumbing, and helps the buttercream firm up once it’s added to the cake. This minimizes any shifting of your cake layers as you add a crumb coat.

Chilled cake layers are also much easier to carve, if you’re working on a sculpted cake.

If my cake layers are at room temperature, and I try to carve them, I find that my layers kind of crumble, and are very difficult to shape.

When my layers are chilled, I can cut and shape them into whatever shape I’m after.

carving cake layers that were frozen and made in advance

Key Takeaways

This ended up being much longer than I intended, so here’s a little recap of the main takeaways of making cake layers in advance:

  • Cake layers can be made several weeks in advance if properly wrapped as described above (doubled wrapped!)
  • Layers should be thawed for about 30 minutes before leveling and building the cake
  • Making a cake with chilled cake layers (thawed out of the freezer for 30 minutes) reduces crumbing
  • Chilled cake layers are easier to stack and carve

Please let me know if you use any different methods for freezing cake layers, I’d love to hear about them!!

128 thoughts on “Freezing Cake Layers

  1. How long after the 30 min thaw do you think it takes to come to room temperature for a 4 later cake? I find that if I freeze the cake layers, even after a few hours it’s still super cold and it doesn’t taste very good.

    1. if you want to eat the cake shortly after making it/want it to be at room temp more quickly, I’d recommend letting the frozen layers almost fully thaw before frosting the cake!

      1. I always freeze, but you can but them in the fridge if they’re wrapped properly and you don’t want to wait to let them thaw!

  2. Hi, Chelsea! I have definitely had your cakes frozen for longer than 2 weeks. Possibly 4-6 weeks and after the cakes defrosted, they honestly tasted just as good, if not better, than fresh! I had double wrapped them in saran wrap and then stored in a freezer bag and had no issues with freezer burn.

    1. thank you so much for sharing Cara!! I’ll update the post to include that 🙂 Also so happy to hear that!!!

  3. Hello Chelsea
    I am wanting to start baking cakes as a hobby. All types of cakes. What do you recommend me to start with as a beginner?

    1. start with something simple! I have a few great tutorials on baking basics up on my YouTube channel, which i recommend watching 🙂

  4. Super helpful! Just one question, you mentioned making the frosting in advanced too. Do you just store it in a sealed container in the fridge and how long do you let it thaw out for? Thanks 🙂

  5. Hello
    I would like to know if I can make cupcakes ahead of time, if yes what’s the method of storing it??
    And what is the shelf life if baking ahead cupcakes?

    1. yes! i like to bake them and freeze them in tupperwear! Just be sure not to stack them on top of each other. I let them thaw the day of, then frost and serve them. I’ve only ever made them a week in advance, but i’d bet they’d last longer than that!

      1. Can I put frosted cupcakes back in the fridge? Covered in a box/container so they don’t melt a few hours before serving? I have to take the cupcakes to a party but it’ll be a hot summer day and I don’t want them to melt before we get there!

      2. Hi Trina! I think chilling them in a container in the fridge for a couple hours before serving them should be ok! Usually I say frost right before serving them, but I totally get that it can be hard with the summer heat <3

    1. I do sometimes with my chocolate cake layers, or if I’m making a super larger cake (like a wedding cake or a sculpted cake). but for most of my standard layer cakes I don’t!

      1. Hi Alice,

        I add the simple syrup right before I assemble a cake, so after freezing and thawing the layers. You def don’t want to add it before freezing the cake layers! Hope that helps, happy baking!

  6. Hi chels, thank you so much for this! Extremely helpful !!! Please let me know how to store decorated layer cakes. The best way. Store in fridge or freezer?
    Also Do you prefer fridge or freezer after you put on crumb coat on cakes?

    1. I prefer using the freezer for my crumb coat, and then the fridge for my decorated cakes! If I won’t be cutting into a cake for more than a few days, I’ll put it in the freezer. Otherwise I prefer the fridge! just be sure if you use the freezer to store a decorated cake, you move it the fridge a day before you need to cut into it. This will help minimize the temperature shock <3

  7. Hello! I love your vanilla cake recipe it’s my
    Go to everyone always loves it! I usually make my cakes the day before eating so I’ve never had to freeze but I am going to make a cake on Thursday that won’t be decorated until Saturday. If I freeze it Thursday and then decorate it Saturday morning do you think it will be good to eat (thawed out) by Saturday noonish? Your advice would be great! Thank you

    1. Aw I’m so happy to hear that Elizabeth! I definitely think if the cake has a couple hours to sit at room temp once it’s decorated, they should be thawed and ready to eat around noon 🙂 Hope that helps, happy baking!!

  8. I double wrap my cake layers individually in plastic wrap and foil then freeze a week in advance. I like the idea of adding cake boards between the layers. Thank you Chelsea!

  9. Hi. I baked some cakes from your recipe for naked cakes and I froze the layers for a wedding. I didn’t use simple syrup but am wondering if I should now. Can I put the simple syrup on right after I take them out of the freezer and have leveled them before I’m ready to frost them? Meaning they would still be slightly frozen (30 min. out of the freezer) and if so, how long after I put the simple syrup on should I wait to ice the cake? Thank you.

    1. you can, and I recommend adding simple syrup for wedding cakes! I’d recommend letting your leveled layers thaw for about 30 minutes (give or take for bigger or smaller layers), and soak them in simple syrup before frosting and assembling your tiers. hope that helps, best of luck with your wedding cake!

  10. So, I’m making a homemade birthday cake for my sister and came across your site. Love it!! I’ve never heard of freezing cakes, but I’m going to start trying it now. I too work in corporate finance and don’t have much time during the week, so love the idea of make the cakes one night, icing the next, decorating the next. I’ve always been told not to put decorated cakes in the fridge, that it dries them out, that cakes should always be left out on the counter in a container (tupperware or glass cake holder). I guess that must be a myth? Can’t wait to try some of your recipes!

    1. That’s awesome to hear, it really is a game changer!!

      And that’s crazy!! I don’t advise putting unfrosted cake layers in the fridge, but if a cake is fully frosted, it can last in the fridge for several days!! that layer of frosting locks in all the moisture. However, frosted cakes can sit out for a day and won’t go bad. But sometimes as the cake sits at room temperature, it can form air bubbles or the sides can bulge. I definitely recommend the fridge over room temp, unless you plan to eat the cake a few hours after you decorate it 🙂

      1. Thanks so much Chelsea for the quick reply!! I’m planning to make the frosting Sunday, make the cake layers Wednesday night, put in the freezer right away and keep there overnight, assemble the cake on a Thursday night, travel 3 hours on Friday to my sister’s, then eat the cake Saturday. So I’ll keep it in the fridge Thursday night after its frosted. Will it be OK to take it out, travel 3 hours and then put back in the fridge as soon as I get to my sister’s house Friday and keep there until Saturday? Should I try and put it in a cooler to keep it cool during the 3 hours transport? Any advice, greatly appreciated!

  11. It is humid where I live. Any tips on keeping the buttercream frosting from melting? I try to store in the fridge sometimes until about 30 mins before I serve it, then when I take it out it starts developing condensation quick and just looks all wet.

    1. humidity can be tough! I’d try to keep your kitchen really cool when you take it out of the fridge, to try to minimize the temperature shock!

  12. Hii I baked my cake yesterday using butter and condensed milk … it came out good but I kept in fridge …. why is the cake not light … it is heavy in weight … does it depend on temperature???

  13. Hi chels! I’m making a 6in and 8in cake, but want to do it in advance. Can I bake and decorate the cake 7 days in advance and it still taste fresh the day of? If so, how do I go about doing this the right way?
    Thanks in advance!!

    1. you definitely can! once a cake is frosted, the buttercream will lock in all the moisture and keep the layers fresh! You can either keep it in your fridge, or your freezer. if you go the freezer route, transfer the cake to your fridge a day before you plan to eat it, to help reduce the temperature shock! take it out of the fridge a couple hours before you plan to eat it. Hope that helps Cassandra <3

  14. Just found your site and can’t wait to start trying some of your recipes and your amazing technique of fresh flowers on a cake board, slathered with buttercream!!!

    1. Yay! Happy to have you along for the ride Paula! 🙂 I’d love to hear how your next floral cake turns out using that method, keep me posted!

  15. Do you recommend always storing undecorated layers in the freezer if its more than a day, as opposed to wrapping them and storing them in the fridge? For example, if I baked layers on Wednesday and then decorated on Friday or Saturday?

    1. Hi Melissa! I definitely recommend popping them into the freezer! I think it keeps them more fresh than the fridge. Just be sure they’re wrapped really well to keep them moist and protect them from drying out 🙂

  16. Thank you for your tips! I have actually frozen my cake for a year.. and it was delicious. I froze cake 30 min.. until the icing hardened. Then wrapped in Syran wrap… then foil.. then in a large rubbermaid container. I kept it in the back of the freezer until the anniversary. To defrost.. I removed the foil and wrap.. and allow to defrost a day in the fridge. Then I took it out to completely come to room temp before serving . Wonderful.. It tasted just baked and fresh.

    1. Good to know Melody!! I’ve def never tested a cake for that long! Thank you for sharing 🙂

  17. Instead of freezing them overnight, can I just leave them in the refrigerator? What do you recommend?

  18. Hi Chelsea, after I build and frosted and decorated my cake, how long could it sit in the fridge before the event?

    1. Hi Jordan! A frosted cake can stay good in the fridge for up to a week! As long as the frosting is completely covering the cake layers, it should lock in all the moisture, and the cake should stay nice and moist 🙂 I let cakes sit in the fridge overnight, or for a few days all the time! I usually leave my cakes just open in the fridge without a covering! It should be fine as long as you don’t have anything fragrant in your fridge (like fish or onions).

      Or it can stay good in the freezer for up to a month! Just be sure to cover the cake in plastic wrap once it’s chilled / the buttercream has firmed up.

  19. Hi Chelsea! Love your tutorials and all your decorated cakes! Question…I made a cake for my sisters shower this weekend and I froze the cake overnight, dirty iced and frosted the cake the day before the event. And I kept the decorated cake in the fridge until the party started, but then it started getting water beads all over! What did I do wrong to cause the condensation? Thanks for your insight!

    1. Hi Natalie!! I’m so sorry to hear you encountered cake condensation, that can be so frustrating!

      Big temperature changes can be hard for cakes to handle (like transferring a fully frozen cake to the fridge), especially in humid environments. I usually don’t leave crumb coated cakes in the fridge overnight for that reason. I only let my crumb coated cakes sit in the freezer for about 10 minutes before adding the second layer of frosting. If I make a cake and frost it in advance, I’ll add the second coat of frosting to lock in all the moisture, then put the cake in the fridge overnight. I’d suggest doing that next time!

      It can be annoying, especially if you’re baking late at night and don’t want to fully frost the cake before bed. I’ve been there! But it definitely makes life easier the next day, and helps prevent condensation. Hope that helps!!

      1. Hi Chelsea! Thank you for the reply! ?Happy to report that I took your advice on my next few cakes and the condensation problem was no problem at all! Thank you so much for your help, you are so inspiring!

  20. Hi chelsea, first of all your are an amazing baker and i love the fact that you are always making most of your creations with buttercream.
    I wanted to ask about the tall cakes i used a 4 inches wide cake pan and added almost 6 to 7 layers after the whole decorating my cake fell down 🙁 also i added bubble tee straws too but idk it started falling from one side and then all in a go

    1. Hi Haya,

      Thanks! 4 inch cake layers are TINY! If you make a super tall cake with that small of layers, you need to anchor your central dowel or central straw into a hole in your cake board. That should help keep it upright. Chilling your cake layers can also help firm up the buttercream, and keep the cake upright as you assemble and frost the layers. Hope that helps!

    1. Hi Marilin,

      No worries! simple syrup is a mixture made of equal parts water and sugar, that is heated up to dissolve the sugar. It’s then brushed on cake layers before a cake is assembled to keep the cake moist. It’s commonly used on sponge cakes (that are a bit dry and need the moisture), but it’s also common practice to use on wedding cakes. Hope that helps, happy baking!

  21. Hi Chelsea! I bake a lot for family and friends and I’ve just recently found your site and LOVE it!

    I’m going to try your vanilla buttermilk cake recipe and your pink Birthday cake with candy for my 4 year old nieces birthday!

    SO, I want to do a test run on the cake and the food coloring/swirling technique. I’m just going to make the cakes and frost it with Buttercream. Not do the full decorations. I’m also going to practice trimming the sides as you suggest as I’ve never done that before.

    Want your opinion… How long do you think the cakes need to freeze before you trim the edges? If I want to do it all in one day could I?

    Also, if I do want to do it all in one day, should I trim the top before or after I freeze it? How long does the cake have to cool before I can easily trim the top?


    1. Aw thanks Kat! you are too sweet!

      It’s definitely a good idea to make a practice cake, especially since you’re trimming the cake layers for the first time! The cake layers just need to be firm to the touch, so that they’re easy to trim! Usually about an hour in the freezer does the trick. I then let them sit out for about 20 minutes after I’ve trimmed the sides to thaw a bit, then I level the tops. You should definitely be able to do it all in one day 🙂

      So sorry this is such a delayed response, I hope you test cake turned out great, and that the bday cake was a big hit!!

    1. Hi Jane! I usually don’t, I feel like leaving the layer in tact keeps it fresher! But I honestly haven’t really tested it out. In theory, if you properly wrap the layers they should stay fresh either way! But I’m always too paranoid to cut them before!!

  22. How long does the cake last for after it has been thawed? If the wedding is on Saturday but I’m planning to thaw on Wednesday and decorate on Thursday and deliver it on Friday. Will the cake still be alright to eat?

    1. That should be fine! I made and assembled my made in advance cake layers for my own wedding cake on Thursday, and my wedding was Sunday! Just be sure to use some simple syrup, to ensure it’s moist when you cut into it! Hope that helps, happy baking Mary!

  23. HI!! I have had trouble with my cakes crumbling when I try to level them or decorate them. If I wanted to make it all in one day (therefore not freeze overnight) do you recommned still freezing them for a few hours or just putting them in the fridge until completely cooled? Also, how should you store a cake after it’s made and half eaton? Leave on the counter or put in the fridge?

    1. Hi Katie! I do suggest putting them in the freezer still, to speed up the cooling process! I think cake layers that are slightly chilled also are easier to level and trim. When I say chilled, I just mean slightly cold to the touch though, not frozen! Frozen cake layers are nightmare to try to level!!

      When I’ve cut into a cake, I simply cover the cut sections with leftover frosting, which helps lock in all the moisture. I then put the cake in the fridge, and it stays good for up to a week 🙂 Hope that helps, happy baking!

  24. Hi love your cakes and watch all your videos !!

    I need to bake for an event on Sunday. But it is in another city. I plan to travel on Thursday by flight with the baked cake layers and go to the destination freeze them till Saturday and then frost and decorate.

    When do suggest I bake?
    Should I bake on Thursday cover the cake properly, travel to the destination and then freeze till Saturday.

    Should I bake on Wednesday? Freeze the cake and then travel on Thursday and refreeze the cake at Destination. Will the changing temperature spoil the cake?

    Not sure what to do. Please help!!


  25. Hi Chelsea!

    I had two questions..
    I am planning to decorate my cake the day of of my baby shower and was wondering should I take the cakes out from the freezer and keep out or put in the refrigerator the night before.. or do you think about 5-6 hours is enough time for the cake to thaw?
    Also do you have any type of guide as to how much icing a tier would need cup wise.. I was planning on two to three layers each of 6”-8”-10”

    Thank you for your helpful tips ??

    1. Hi Stefani,

      I’m so sorry for the delayed response! the cake layers only need to thaw for about 20 minutes at room temp before you start frosting and decorating them (you want them to still be a bit cold, to make them easier to stack), so I’d leave them frozen until the day you plan to decorate.

      For the frosting, it can vary a lot based on how you plan to decorate it, and how much frosting you like between your cake layers. I love a lot of frosting, so I add about 1 cup of frosting between 8 inch cake layers, 1.5 cups between 10 inch cake layers, and about 3/4 of a cup between 6 inch cake layers.

      I usually just make a ton, to ensure I don’t run out! And leftover frosting you have can be frozen for up to three months, or refrigerated for a month 🙂

  26. Hi there – I am planning on making my son’s birthday cake for this Saturday. I’ve already made the Funfetti layers and oreo frosting. I was hoping to at least fill and crumb coat it and then decorate it later this week. Is it possible to take just fill and crumb coat and then return if back to the freezer? if so how would you thaw to put on the final decorative layer of frosting? Thanks for your help. Your recipes are out of this world and so awesome. I have tried so many different bakers, I’ve been to pastry school – and these are just spot on with what I was looking for. Your methods and explanations couldn’t be more accurate! Thank you!

    1. Hi Lindsay,

      It totally is! I would suggest moving the cake the fridge the day before you plan to add the second layer of frosting, to allow it to slowly thaw and avoid any issues with condensation. I hope that helps!!

      And you are too sweet 🙂 I really try to make my recipes delicious yet doable/ simple (not that a pastry chef like you needs that component :P) Haha thank you for the kind words! I hope your son loves his birthday cake!!! <3

      1. So would you wrap the crumb coated cake with Saran Wrap again? Will it mess anything up on the cake?
        Thanks, Kristy!

      2. Hi Kristy,

        Pop the cake into the freezer for like five minutes to let the frosting set, then wrap it. That way the saran wrap won’t mess up the frosting. Hope that helps, happy baking!

  27. When do you poke the center hole into the layers for the center dowel on a large tiered cake – before or after freezing?

    1. Hi Bonnie!

      I like to poke the central hole once my cake layers are frosted and stacked, so I do it after the freezing/thawing. Happy baking!! <3

  28. Hi Chelsea, I’ll be making a semi naked cake for a friends birthday. I’ll be making your vanilla cake with the chocolate ganache inside. I plan to make the cakes on Saturday (party on Sunday). When should I level the cake? Saturday? Then place in freezer overnight to decorate with buttercream and flowers on Sunday? I’m concerned because I’ll be making the semi naked cake this summer and have to transport it for a 45 minute drive. I’ve seen your packing tips, but will the buttercream melt on the way? I’ll also be making a mirror cake next month! Your tutorials are fabulous! Thank you so much,

    1. hi Nicole,

      That’s awesome, I’m sure it will be delicious! I like to freeze my layers, let them thaw, then level them before assembling a cake. you can also level them then freeze them though!

      The frosting shouldn’t melt as long as the cake isn’t in direct sunlight, and you blast your AC. But I also don’t know how warm it is where you live, where you’re driving to, or what the weather will be like on that day :/ sorry I can’t be of more help!

    1. Hi Aly,

      You can totally frost a cake the day before! Just put it in the fridge overnight, and take it out an hour or two before you plan to cut into it. I hope that helps, happy baking!

  29. I have a question:
    Is it okay to leave the cakes (already leveled and sliced to size) overnight, wrapped in plastic wrap on the counter if I’m going to be assembling the cake the next day? I didn’t know if they needed to be refrigerated if it’s just one day and they’re wrapped in plastic – hopefully that keeps the moisture in.

    1. Hi Keyla,

      It is ok to leave layers out overnight as long as they’re wrapped up or in an airtight container! I’ve done it before and it was fine!! Happy baking 🙂

  30. Reading all these comments from people traveling with cakes and my question is, do you suggest using dowels for support when making an 8” 3 layer round cake with buttercream frosting in between the layers. Traveling by car to NYC and then in taxi to party location. Just want to avoid sliding during transports. Thx for your advice.

    1. Hi Lisa,

      I don’t think a single tier layer cake needs dowels. As long as your frosting is stiff enough and the cake is thoroughly chilled before you transport it, it should be able to support its weight just fine. Hope that helps, happy baking!!

    1. Hi Saneah,

      I suggest adding them to the cake after they’ve been frozen and thawed, right before you plan to assemble and frost the cake.

  31. Hi would you recommend using beeswax wraps? I heard they perform similarly to Saran wraps plus they’re reusable. Thanks!

    1. Hi Paulene,

      I’ve never tried using beeswax wraps, so I’m not quite sure! But if they work the same as saran wrap I’d think they would work great. They’re much more environmentally friendly, so I say give it a try!! 🙂

  32. If you wrap the cakes to freeze when they are still warm, won’t they keep on cooking, hope this isn’t a silly question! Thanks.

    1. Hi Angela,

      Not a silly question at all! They do still bake a bit right when they’re out of the oven, but only for a few minutes. Usually you can’t handle them until they’ve sat for 5-10 minutes, and by that point it’s really just a tiny bit of steam escaping from the cake layers. So once you’re able to wrap them, it just locks in a bit more moisture. Hope that makes sense, happy baking!

  33. Hi Chelsey! I just placed my small batch Funfetti cake layers into the freezer for 30 minutes to speed their cooling (like your recipe says). I really, really, really want to trust that I can actually place these unwrapped layers back into the freezer overnight for frosting tomorrow. Do you really do that? Won’t that dry out the layers? Also, will these unwrapped frozen layers defrost without condensation occurring on top of them if I put them on the counter for 30 minutes before crumb coating? Thanks for answering! I love your recipes! xoxo.

    1. Hi Nin,

      I do it with almost every cake I make! haha I know it seems creepy, but that’s what I do! If it seems too weird you can always wrap them to give yourself peace of mind.

      The cake has caramelization on the top and sides, which lock in the moisture. Also, when things get freezer burned its because they’re in the freezer for months. My cake layers are usually in the fridge for about 12-15 hours. I don’t run into issues with condensation, but I also don’t live in a humid place. I usually level them once they’ve sat for 30 minutes, then assemble the cake. Hope that helps, happy baking!!

  34. Hi! can you freeze carrot cake layers or cakes with fruit pieces like pineapple or strawberries without ultimately changing the texture of the cake? Wondering when the pieces thaw if they become watery and make the cake layer soggy?

    1. Hi Tricia,

      It can vary based on the type of fruit and size of the fruit pieces, but it they’re fully cooked into the cake layers it should be fine to freeze them. However, if you’re making something like a pineapple upsidedown cake, I’m not sure if that would freeze well. Hope that helps, happy baking!

  35. Hi! Ur cakes are stunning! I wanted to make the cake layers a day in advance and I was wondering how long will it have to thaw if I want to eat it immediately after? Or is it better if I purchased in the fridge? And how long should I refrigerate after I frost it?

  36. Hi! Ur cakes are stunning! I wanted to make the cake layers a day in advance and I was wondering how long will it have to thaw if I want to eat it immediately after? Or is it better if I put in the fridge? And how long should I refrigerate after I frost it?

    1. If you let your cake layers thaw before frosting for 30-45 minutes, they should be fine to cut into the cake once it’s assembled and frosted! You can also put your layers in the fridge if you want though, and frost them pretty much right after you take them out of the fridge.

      Once the cake is crumb coated and frosted, you can cut in! Hope that helps, happy baking!

  37. If I make the entire cake (including the final frosting layer and all the designs) 2 or 3 days in advance from when I want it to be presented or cut, where should I store the cake? Is it in the refrigerator or freezer? Cos I’ve noticed that once I put it in the freezer there’s a little condensation that happens on the whole cake.

    And if I take the cake layers from the freezer (thaw for 30mins), frost and decorate and do all that , then how long do you think It needs to be out (starting from the time it was taken out from the freezer) for the cake to be at a temperature so that I can cut it and serve.

    PS: Sorry for the long question, even I didn’t expect it to get this long:P

    1. Hi Shereen,

      I store decorated cakes in the fridge. The thaw time will vary a lot based on the size and type of cake and frosting! I usually let mine sit out for 2-3 hours.

      The temp of the layers won’t matter if the cake is made a few days in advance. If you mean you want to serve that cake right away and not chill it, I’d say the entire cake will be at room temp in about 30 minutes. My cake layers are usually cold to the touch but no longer frozen once I thaw them for 30 minutes, so it doesn’t take long! The only thing that can change that is how long you chill the cake for the crumb coat.

      Hope that helps, happy baking!

  38. I keep hearing that you’re supposed to thaw cake layers in the fridge, still wrapped in their Saran and tinfoil overnight before frosting. Something to do with condensation. Have you heard of this method? You say to unwrap completely and thaw on the counter for 30 minutes. Your way is much easier and quicker.

    1. Hi Olwyn,

      I think it’s all a matter of preference. I have heard that before, but overtime I’ve found my way works just fine! I prefer doing it that way because it is more simple 🙂

  39. I just made my very first layer cake using your recipes! Yay! I made a three layer vanilla cake and made your homemade buttercream vanilla frosting. I doubled the frosting recipe too. I also made a homemade strawberry filling too.

    Right now the cake layers are tightly wrapped and in the freezer and both the buttercream frosting and strawberry filling is in the fridge in air right containers. The cake is going to be served in one week.

    Here’s my question..I want to frost and decorate the cake 2 days before serving. Will it be ok to do it that far ahead of time because I’m really concerned about the strawberry filling (to be put in between the layers) making the cake too moist and soggy if I do this too far in advance. What are your thoughts on this? I don’t have to decorate it two days in advance it’s just I would prefer it so I’m not so stressed ahead of time.

    This is my first ever homemade layer cake and I’m a perfectionist too. Ugh! Please help if you can!

    Thanks!!! ?

  40. Hi! I too am a self taught home baker. So I run into a lot of questions with know one to assist. At what point do you hit the cake with a little simple syrup? Before wrapping in freezing? Or after removing it from the freezer and letting it thaw? I don’t want to end up with a “wet” cake. Thank you

  41. Absolutely love your baking and helpful tips like this, thank you!!

    If I filled and iced a layer cake with a crumb coat, do you think it would freeze ok for a couple of days (with all the double/triple wrapping etc)? Using American Buttercream or Russian Buttercream? I’m thinking it might work to give me more time decorating a friend’s wedding cake!

  42. Hi there!

    I have a cake that I have crumb coated and is frozen. My kitchen got way too warm and I couldn’t continue frosting. The cake has been in the freezer overnight and I have moved it to the fridge. Am I safe to frost it at some point today or should I give it a full day/night in the fridge?

  43. So I’ve frozen my cakes in advance and want to crumb coat and let sit in the fridge overnight until I am able to decorate tomorrow. My question is I use a coolwhip filling for my cakes, is it ok to assemble and crumb coat my cake while they are frozen? I worry about the cool whip filling I make

  44. Your vanilla cake recipe and buttercream frosting are my go to recipes!! I always get SO MANY compliments each time I bake a cake! Question though…so once I decorate the slightly frozen cake and it’s ready to go, do you put the cake in the refridgerator? I made a bridal shower cake the night before the shower and didn’t refridgerate it. So the day of the shower, I took the cake out of the box and it completely slid! I was mortified! I’m wondering if it was because I didn’t refridgerate it? Any ideas? Have you experienced this before when decorating frozen cakes?

  45. I’ve made a few too many cake layers of your vanilla cake recipe but of course wanted to keep them because it’s such a good recipe! I froze them for a bit before trimming the top and sides off, then put them in a double layer of seran wrap and put the wrapped layers in a tupper ware container. Took them out the freezer a little over 5 months later. Honestly, they tasted as good as on day one! Not sure if the size has something to do with it, mine were tiny 4 inch layers.

  46. Thank you for all your info!!! I found it super helpful. I’m doing my first wedding cake in a few weeks and had some questions. So for freezing and you want to cut the cake in half to freeze it to essentially make it two layers of the cake instead of one. Should you do that before you freeze it or after your freeze it and let it thaw a little? I hope that made sense!

    Thank you again!!

  47. I am making my first ever wedding cake for our best friends. And I am so excited. It will be Thanksgiving weekend, that Saturday. They want a semi naked cake… my only concern is the wedding is early in the day, 11am. Can I do a semi naked cake the night before? Or will I have to frost and assemble the day of?

  48. I am also making my first ever wedding cake for my sister in law. The venue is over an hour away and I won’t be able to get there early to assemble and frost at the venue. Could I assemble and frost the night before, put the entire decorated cake into the freezer, and let it thaw on the way to the venue and during the ceremony?

  49. So i’m baking my dad your blackout cake for his 60th birthday. His birthday is wednesday but I just made the cakes today (monday) and i’ll be throwing them in the freezer and then I plan to crumb coat it with ganache and decorate the cake tomorrow night and throw it in the fridge for Wednesday. Will that work or should I put it in the freezer after decorating the cake on Tuesday? How long should we let it thaw from the fridge/freezer on Wednesday before cutting into it?

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