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Macaron Round Up

There is simply nothing as satisfying as whipping, piping, baking, and enjoying homemade macarons. There are so many flavors, fillings, and combinations- so here’s is my macaron round up!

From fruity and decadent flavors to adorable shapes, there are truly so many incredible macaron recipes.

1. Vanilla Macarons

As usual, we are kicking off our macaron round-up with a classic! These classic vanilla macarons are just so beautiful and make for the best happy snack or gift!

From their delicious vanilla bean frosting to that splatter of edible gold paint on the shells, these macarons are just so classy!

image of vanilla macarons made using the french method and decorated with edible gold paint

2. Birthday Cake Macarons

These birthday cake macarons are the perfect way to celebrate any occasion. They also look just as fun as they taste!

With some deep pink gel food coloring and colorful sprinkles, they scream “happy birthday!!”

image of birthday cake macarons stacked on a plate

For the filling, I added some almond extract to my cream cheese buttercream, and to really bring the party… I added some sprinkles too!

3. Donut Macarons

These adorable macarons are decorated to look just like little donuts and are filled with delicious maple buttercream. Just imagine dipping these in your morning coffee?!

My favorite donut growing up was a maple bar, so that’s the flavor I went with. However, you could definitely use a classic vanilla buttercream or even fill the centers with jelly to make jelly donut macarons!

image of adorable donut macarons filled with maple buttercream, shared as part of a macaron round up

This recipe makes about 32 macaron shells using my donut template, which can be used to make 16 macarons.

4. Orange Macarons

If you’re looking for fresh, fruity flavors these orange macarons are for you! I went a little wild and decorated them to look just like freshly cut oranges!

image of adorable orange macarons filled with orange marmalade and buttercream

These sweet slices are filled with orange buttercream and my favorite orange marmalade!

5. Lavender Macarons

These honey lavender macarons are absolutely delicious with delicate floral notes and a hint of honey. Not to mention that gorgeous purple shell!

image of french lavender macarons filled with honey lavender buttercream

To make the filling I like to add a bit of lavender steeped cream and honey to my American buttercream.

6. Heart Shaped Macarons

These heart-shaped macarons are SO easy to make and are the perfect way to show someone you care! Whether you make these for Valentine’s Day or an anniversary, they’re sure to be hit.

image of pink heart shaped macarons filled with buttercream that are shared as part of a macaron round up post

Pipe the heart-shaped macarons onto prepared baking sheets using a template to ensure they all turn out the same size.

7. Salted Caramel Macarons

Okay… don’t tell the other macarons these salted caramel macarons are my absolute favorite! Something about the mix of sweet and salty flavors just gets me.

These macarons are absolutely packed with caramel! Not only are they filled with caramel buttercream and have a gooey salted caramel center, but they ALSO are decorated with a drizzle of caramel sauce!

image of a salted caramel macaron that's been bitten into to show how full the macaron shell is

The chocolate shell gives the macarons an incredible flavor and the salt makes the whole macaron sing together!

8. Strawberry Macarons

These fruity macarons are decorated to look just like a freshly picked strawberry!! Can you tell I had a little too much fun piping these shells?

They are filled with my favorite buttercream and homemade strawberry jam.

image of strawberry shaped macaron shells that have been baked and have nice feet and are shared as part of a macaron round up post

To get that perfect strawberry shape I recommend using this template. You can also pipe regular circular macaron shells, or you can do a combination of both!

These cookie dough macarons are topped with mini chocolate chips and filled with my incredibly delicious cookie dough buttercream.

image of a cookie dough macaron being dipped into a glass of milk that was shared as part of a macaron round up post

Although these are slightly more complicated than a standard chocolate chip cookie, I promise they are beyond worth it!

10. Red Velvet Macarons

These red velvet macarons are equal parts beautiful and delicious.

With a generous squeeze of red gel food coloring, these incredible macarons are sure to bring joy with every bite.

image of red velvet macarons filled with cream cheese frosting that are stacked on each other to show their perfect feet

Anytime I can mash up a classic cake flavor with another dessert is a good day! They’re filled with cream cheese frosting and taste just like a piece of cake.

11. Coffee Macarons

I’m rounding out our round-up with these gorgeous coffee macarons. Chocolate and coffee, a tale as old as time and an absolutely incredible treat for any time of day!

image of coffee macarons filled with coffee buttercream that have bitten into to show their full, perfect shells that was shared as part of a macaron round up

I topped each macaron with a coffee bean for extra crunch and an extra kick!

Let Me Know What You Think!

If you try any of the recipes from this delicious macaron round up, I’d love to hear what you think!

Betty Kemorle

Tuesday 17th of May 2022

I real like these cookies! Can you teach me how to achieve the cookies ? step by step?