I’m constantly inspired by the amazing work of other bakers!! The passion that these people have for baking shines in their creations, and I can’t describe how wonderful it is to see the excitement and enthusiasm others have in the kitchen. Below is an ever-growing list of my favorite bakers:

Sally McKenney – Sally’s Baking Addiction

Yolanda Gampp – How to Cake It

MattΒ Adlard – Topless Baker

John Kanell – The Preppy Kitchen

Molly Yeh – My Name is Yeh

Sarah Fennel – Broma Bakery

Michelle – Brown Eyed Baker

Joy Wilson – Joy the Baker



20 thoughts on “Inspiration

  1. Love your cakes! You might find My Cupcake Addiction Elise Strachan a great inspiration as well. Do you have a sign up for following?

  2. I love your cakes! I always look forward to a new video. How did you learn to bake and decorate cakes so amazing?

  3. Hi! Your cakes are so beautiful!
    I have an assortment of pans, but unfortunately only 2 are the same. I’m having trouble finding sets of 3 or more that are the same size. Is there a set that you like, or do you buy pans individually?

  4. I have learned so much from you! I just bake for family and friends but so far this is only the 4th cool cake I’ve made and I look forward to more of your videos to learn more because I still have a good amount to learn! JLT7HB

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