I’m constantly inspired by the amazing work of other bakers!! The passion that these people have for baking shines in their creations, and I can’t describe how wonderful it is to see the excitement and enthusiasm others have in the kitchen. Below is an ever-growing list of my favorite bakers:

Sally McKenney – Sally’s Baking Addiction

Yolanda Gampp – How to Cake It

Matt Adlard – Topless Baker

John Kanell – The Preppy Kitchen

Molly Yeh – My Name is Yeh

Sarah Fennel – Broma Bakery

Georgia – Georgias Cakes

Michelle – Brown Eyed Baker

Joy Wilson – Joy the Baker



Let me know what you think!

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  1. Love your cakes! You might find My Cupcake Addiction Elise Strachan a great inspiration as well. Do you have a sign up for following?

  2. I love your cakes! I always look forward to a new video. How did you learn to bake and decorate cakes so amazing?

  3. Hi! Your cakes are so beautiful!
    I have an assortment of pans, but unfortunately only 2 are the same. I’m having trouble finding sets of 3 or more that are the same size. Is there a set that you like, or do you buy pans individually?

  4. I love your cakes and videos. How do you get your chocolate cakes and chocolate frosting so dark?

  5. I have learned so much from you! I just bake for family and friends but so far this is only the 4th cool cake I’ve made and I look forward to more of your videos to learn more because I still have a good amount to learn! JLT7HB

  6. I’m an investment banker by day who bakes on weekends to relax. You’re cakes are not only beautiful, but taste delicious! I just made your Chocolate Chip Cannoli Cake yesterday for friends who returned from Italy. It was an all-time hit! You’re such an inspiration. Thanks to you my level of stress had decreased. Making your cakes relaxes me and boosts my confidence. Thank you!

    • So happy to hear that the cannoli cake was a hit Michelle!!!

      I really do find baking relaxing too! Happy I’m not the only one out there who uses it to relieve stress 🙂 And I so agree, there is nothing more satisfying then making a beautiful cake from scratch!! Happy baking <3

  7. Hi Chels! First off I love your work sooo talented! I have watched pretty much every video you create, but have not seen anything on if you freeze your cakes then frost them next day? Or so you bake cake and frost same day? I’m wanted to attempt to make my daughters bday cake. I would like to make/bake cake one day then frost next day. Do you have any tips/tricks for freezing cakes to keep freshness best? Thanks so much! 😘

  8. Have you ever thought about selling some of the products you use? I love your knives and would buy them in a heartbeat!

  9. I’ve been following your cake designs for quite a while and I had an idea for a series of cakes: All of these are inspired from my home country of Belize: the great blue hole with a deep dark blue centre in the cake, a jaguar’s fur pattern, a toucan’s colours, a scarlet Macaw’s colours, the barrier reef with its colourful tropical fish.

    • Those would be some beautiful cakes!!! That’s definitely a fun yet challenging cake series idea 🙂

  10. Hi! I love your video’s on Instagram. i am just wondering.. You seem to only work with mainly buttercream fillings. Now i find that using a buttercream filling doesn’t taste very good. When i make it it tastes great, but when I leave it overnight in the fridge it’s all hard. I leave the cake out for 2 hours before cutting it, but still it’s relatively hard.
    Do you have any solutions for this? Thanks so much!

    • most buttercream does crust, which is what I think you’re talking about! it’s hard to avoid this with most buttercream, but American buttercream def crusts the most (it has the highest amount of sugar). you could try a Swiss meringue buttercream, which might crust less! <3