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  1. I have looked around for 7″ round cake pans and I can’t seem to find them. Can you tell me where you buy yours from? I have the 6″ rounds and 8 1/2″ but I really want to make the 7″ cakes.

  2. Hello Chelsey, I love your cakes and love following you on instagram. I have a question, what cake stand do you use for your decorating and how do you kee the cardboard still on the stand. My stand is a wilton plastic spinner. The cardboard always slides, I find myself holding to to try to get a smooth side. Any suggestions would be great. Thankyou for time and keep on creating!!

  3. I tried the vanilla cupcake recipe that you’ve posted, but I like the classic vanilla cake recipe better. Have you ever tried the vanilla layer cake recipe for your cupcakes? Is there a reason why you have to separate recipes ?

  4. Hello Chelsey, I follow you on IG and love all your cake decorating:) I haven’t had much luck with the vanilla cake recipes out there. I have mastered many chocolate cake recipes and can almost do this blind folded lol and I have advanced to making mousse and berry fillings, ganache and I can make awesome buttercream frostings…but the vanilla cake recipes are complicated, some with egg whites, some with egg yolks, some with cake flour and some with regular flour…gosh too many options! Some recipes call for placing rack lower middle for baking and others are middle rack. I notice your vanilla cake recipe calls for regular flour instead of cake flour, can you explain why you chose this method? I believe regular flour gives the cake a “heavier” weight? I also want to know what rack level and how long you would bake a cake if using 8×3 rounds or 8×2 rounds? I believe using a deeper cake pan would require for you to adjust rack level and time and probably would not be able to use a heavier cake batter due to the thickness and not baking in the center. Any help would be great! Thanks Connie

    1. my vanilla layer cake recipe is a buttermilk cake base, and it somewhat dense! because of that, it needs regular flour to balance the moisture from the buttermilk! I think middle racks would be ideal, but I don’t even have a full sized oven, so I can barely fit my four pans on my top and middle baking racks. This cake does bake with caramelization on the sides, unless you use damp baking strips! I just trim the sides of the cake with a serrated knife to remove this. Hope that helps, happy baking!

    1. I dont, but I do have a chocolate and vanilla layer cake recipe up! I usually make a half batch of both batters, then swirl them together 🙂

    1. yes! I always use Satin Ice, i think it tastes best and it’s great to work with!! I order it on amazon 🙂

  5. I am preparing to make a bridal shower cake in a few days. I want to make a two tiered cake. Two 10″ bottoms and two 8″ on top. I was looking at your basic vanilla cake recipe and I saw they are for 7″ cakes. What do you recommend I do with your recipe for what I need to make? I’m not real into making multiple cakes so I usually always end up scatch making for one smaller cake at a time. Thanks in advance!

    Justine S.

    1. Depends on how thick you want your layers to be! if you’re only using 2 layers in each tier, you probably want them pretty thick! i’d recommend one batch for the 2 8 inch layers, and at least 2 batches for the 2 10 inch layers <3

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