Cupcake Classes

I’ve enjoyed teaching private cake decorating lessons so much, I’m now offering cupcake decorating lessons!!

Cake lessons are amazing because they offer intense one on one instruction, and are amazing for home bakers and fellow cake lovers. But as wonderful as layer cakes are, they’re a lot of work. And not everyone is ready to tackle cake making and decorating.

The Best!! I love my moist chocolate cupcake recipe!!

Perfect For All Skill Levels

That’s where these cupcake lessons come in. They’re perfect for everyone, regardless of your baking experience. Whether you spend your weekends baking up a storm, or have never baked a thing in your oven, I guarantee you will enjoy decorating cupcakes with me.

My cupcake decorating classes are perfect for corporate events, team bonding, birthdays, even a girls night!

What My Cupcake Decorating Classes Include

Each person in my cupcake decorating class will get to decorate 6 cupcakes, and be provided with a box to take their cupcakes home. That is, if you don’t eat all of them before the end of the class!

I do all the hard work ahead of time, to help the lesson flow more smoothly. Your cupcakes will be baked and your frosting will be all ready to go before your lesson starts.

My classes begin with a demonstration of a few different piping techniques, to help your group master each one.

I also show different frosting tips, and explain the types of decorations they can make. This will allow you to practice your piping before you begin to decorate your cupcakes.

image of mermaid tail cupcakes

The most exciting part of my cupcake classes is that they are customizable. Want to make pink cupcakes because your friend is having a baby girl?

Or cupcakes that are inspired by your company’s logo? Maybe you’re into exciting flavors, and want to try some new cupcake/frosting combinations.

No matter what you’re into, we can decorate cupcakes to match.

I’ll share how to make each cupcake design during your class, and then your group can either chose to follow those designs, or get creative with the frosting and decorations at hand.

photo of the cutest pumpkin pie cupcakes, decorated with buttercream frosting to look like pie crust

Logistics: Where, When, and How Long?

Now for the logistics! Here’s a quick run down of everything you need to know.

Where: To make life easier for events, I come to you. Whether you want to have your lesson in a large conference room at your office, or in a community room of an apartment building, I will bring everything we need (cupcakes, frosting, etc.) *I only offer lessons in Manhattan*

I also offer cupcake classes in the Chelsweets kitchen a couple of times a month! I announce the signups on social media, so watch my stories to find out when my next classes will be.

Time Commitment: My lessons usually take about an hour, from start to finish! I need 15 minutes upon arrival to set up, and will get there ahead of time to make sure our lesson starts on time.

Pricing: My classes are $75 per person, and edible logos are an additional charge.

The cutest gold star cupcake! Made with my one bowl vanilla cupcake recipe, which is so moist and fluffy!!

How Many People Can Take A Lesson?

When it comes to cupcake lessons, the more the merrier! Groups that I’ve taught in the past have varied from 6-30 people. The smallest class I offer is for 6 people.

If you have a larger group, we can still make it work! Just let me know the number of people that will be attending, and we can figure out the details.

baby panda cupcakes

How To Book A Cupcake Lesson

I will only be hosting a handful of cupcake lessons each month, so please reach out in advance! I only offer lessons on weekdays (Mon-Fri), but am flexible with the time of lesson and am able to do evenings.

If you’re interested in a scheduling a lesson, please email me at [email protected] with the following information:

  • Your name / company name
  • Number of people
  • Requested date
  • Time of lesson
  • Frosting color scheme, and up to 3 cupcake flavors
  • Baking experience (no experience, home bakers, etc.)
  • Any dietary restrictions

I can’t wait to meet / teach you in person!! Social media is great and all, but some things are just better in real life 🙂