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Chances are, you have someone special in your life that loves to bake. However, if you don’t spend a lot of time in the kitchen yourself, it can be hard to come up with ideas for gifts for bakers.

This can also be challenging, because people vary a lot in what they like to bake, their experience/skill level, and what kitchen gadgets they already have.

Below I’ve listed my favorite baking tools, which I think any baker would love!! It’s the ultimate list of gifts for bakers.

I start off with the basics/must-haves, and then transition into some splurge items that I love! I include a wide enough variety that this list should include something for every baker out there.

For each item, I share the price, where you can get it, and essential I think it is to have. I hope that you find a special something for that special someone 🙂 Happy holidays!!

Ateco 612 Cast Iron Cake Stand

  • Price: $55.99
  • Get it on: Amazon
  • Level of Need: Essential
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I have had this Ateco 612 cake stand for years, and it has never let me down! It has a cast iron base, so it’s strong and extremely durable.

These are the cake stands you see in professional bakeries. They are by far the best spinning cake stand you can get. It’s a bit of an investment, but when you think about how many times you’ll use it over its lifetime, it’s totally worth it.

Besides my KitchenAid, I consider my cake stand my best investment when it comes to baking tools and equipment. I’ve used it to make countless cakes, including my own wedding cake!

I also love that is comes with a non slip mat. This really helps keep your cake board in place while decorating, so that your cake doesn’t shift or slide while you’re frosting it.

Magnetic Knife / Multipurpose Stainless Steel Bar

  • Price: $17.49
  • Get it on: Amazon
  • Level of Need: Fantastic addition to your kitchen
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This is the only item on this list that I don’t have, but I desperately want! It’s on my Christmas list this year.

I never feel like I have enough space in my kitchen, and this amazing gadget helps you keep the tools you use the most easily within reach.

You’ll never have to dig through your drawers to find your favorite whisk again. This strip is magnetic, so any metallic kitchen utensil will stick to it, including metal spatulas and scissors!

Not only is it functional, it also looks beautiful! It’s sleek, stylish, and would look great in almost any kitchen.

5 Qt Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer

  • Price: $219 on Sale (regularly $279)
  • Get it on: Amazon
  • Level of Need: Essential
image of kitchen aid included as gift ideas for bakers
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If you don’t already have a stand mixer, and you feel like splurging a bit, I HIGHLY recommend getting a 5 Qt Artisan stand mixer.

They’re the perfect size for a home baker, and work wonderfully to make bread, batter, frosting, and even pasta!

The 5 Qt mixer is slightly more expensive than the Classic 4.5 Qt Kitchen Aid, but it has higher wattage and the mixing bowl comes with a handle. It’s definitely worth spending a bit more to have the additional capacity and mixing power.

I’ve had my pink Kitchen Aid for 6 years now, and she still runs like a dream. It’s the kitchen tool I use the most, and it’s paid for itself time and time again.

Cookie Scoop

  • Price: $21.97
  • Get it on: Amazon
  • Level of Need: Essential
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Cookie scoops are a surprisingly versatile tool. They are a must, for any baker out there!!

I’ve had my set for 3 years now, and they’re still going strong. This set is made with stainless steel, and they’re very durable. They also have a release trigger, which helps whatever you’re scooping easily pop out!

While they work fantastically for actually scooping cookie dough to make uniform sized cookies, they also can be used in tons of different ways.

I use mine primarily to fill cupcake pans. The large cookie scoop is great for filling standard sized cupcake liners, while the smallest scoop is perfect for mini cupcakes.

If you dip these in warm water, they also make great ice cream scoops! They also can be used as a melon ballers.

I’ve even seen bakers use these to add frosting between their cake layers. The scoops help ensure you have a uniform amount of frosting between your cake layers.

You get the point, you can use these in a million different ways!

KitchenAid Tilt Head Flex Edge Beater

  • Price: $19.95 on Sale (regularly $39.99)
  • Get it on: Amazon
  • Level of Need: Not essential, but nice to have
image of flexible kitchen aid scraper as gift for bakers
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While stand mixers are amazing, they do tend to miss the bottom and sides of the bowl when mixing.

This means you frequently need to stop and scrape the sides of your bowl with a rubber spatula. That’s where this amazing attachment comes in. It has a spatula built right into it!

This allows your mixer to do a much better job mixing batter and frosting. While you can still make batters with the traditional paddle attachment that comes with your stand mixer, this attachment makes life so much better.

Long Baking Gloves

  • Price: $6.98
  • Get it on: Amazon
  • Level of Need: Essential
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If you know any serious baker, they likely have some scars on their forearms. When you work around a hot oven all day, there’s a high chance you’ll accidentally hit your arm on an oven rack, even if you have oven mitts on.

My dad noticed the marks on my arm, and immediately ordered me these long oven mitts. They’re so long, they basically go up to your elbows. Ever since I got these, I haven’t had another burn.

They’re a super thoughtful and functional gift. They come in 5 different colors (including purple, which is my favorite!), and have a non-slip silicone grip.

I’ve had mine for four years now, and they’re still going strong (thanks Dad).

Digital Kitchen Scale

  • Price: $17.99
  • Get it on: Amazon
  • Level of Need: Essential
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Baking really is a science, and many recipes require precise measurements.

Using a digital scale is the best way to measure any ingredient, especially when it comes to dry ingredients like flour.

It ensures you have exact amount of each ingredient you need, which can make a big difference in how a recipe bakes up.

Digital scales are used by home bakers and pastry chefs alike. I use mine every time I bake.

Colorful (Iridescent) Knife Set

  • Price: $19.25
  • Get it on: Amazon
  • Level of Need: Not essential, but fun to have
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If you’re spending hours creating a beautiful baked good, you want to get a beautiful slice! Having a sharp knife is an absolutely necessity.

While having a sharp Iridescent knife isn’t totally necessary, it sure is cool!

I use these knives in my cake videos all the time, and people love them! They always leave comments asking where I got them.

The Sweetapolita Advent Calendar

  • Price: regularly $120, but $102 if you use the code CHELSWEETS15 to get 15% off
  • Get it on:
  • Level of Need: A wonderful treat
image of sprinkle advent calendar as gift for bakers
image via

If you (or someone you know) love sprinkles, this is the ultimate gift! I mean, a new bottle of sprinkles, EVERYDAY?! Think of all the amazing cakes they could be used on!!

I use Sweetapolita sprinkles to decorate my cakes all the time (including my bachelorette cake). They’re the perfect way to spruce up a cake design.

I received my sprinkle advent calendar this past week, and it’s taken everything in me to wait to look at all the different beautiful sprinkle blends.

It is such a fun, entertaining gift! The only thing is you may have to give this as an early Christmas gift, so that someone can start enjoying it at the beginning of December!

Marble Pastry Board

  • Price: $39.99
  • Get it on: Amazon
  • Level of Need: Not essential, but great if you make pastry or temper chocolate
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Pastry boards are something that the average homemaker probably doesn’t need.

This is a gift that a more advanced baker would love! To be honest, I never really temper chocolate, but I do play around with pastry dough.

Rolling out pastry dough on marble is a dream compared to working on a floured countertop!!

Chilled marble boards are ideal for keeping dough from sticking, which allows you to add less flour as you roll out or laminate dough. They also do a great job cooling down chocolate that’s being tempered!

Fancy Bundt Pan

  • Price: $31.99 on sale (regularly $36.95)
  • Get it on: Amazon
  • Level of Need: Not essential, but a great way to step up your bundt cake game
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I originally bought this bundt pan on Amazon because it had over 1,100 5-star reviews. I heavily rely on ratings and reviews whenever I buy something online, and I figured this pan had to be pretty great.

The reviews were right. This bundt pan is made with cast aluminum, which is super durable and easy to clean. It cooks evenly and quickly, and creates stunning cakes!

If bundt cakes are in your baking repertoire, you need this pan in your life.

Decorative Cake Stand with Cover

  • Price: $21.17 on sale (regularly $39.99)
  • Get it on: Amazon
  • Level of Need: Nice to have
image of pretty cake stand as a gift for bakers
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When you put so much time into making a cake, it’s fun to have beautiful cake stands to display them on!

I have a few different cake stands that don’t spin, and are solely for photographing cakes. This is one of them!

These cake stands really help highlight the beauty of a cake, and are real show stoppers at parties and holiday gatherings.

OXO Good Grips Baker’s Dusting Wand

  • Price: $9.95
  • Get it on: Amazon
  • Level of Need: A great little gadget to have
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So many desserts are elevated with a delicate dusting of cocoa powder or powdered sugar. But most conventional sifters are a bit too large for dusting smaller desserts!

I love this little duster because it gives you a ton of control around the amount of powdered sugar you add, and where it falls.

You kind of feel like a baking fairy every time you get to use it. I always get a big smile on my face when I get to use mine, which is why I think it’s a wonderful gift idea!

Reusable Cake Testers

  • Price: $9.99 on sale
  • Get it on: Amazon
  • Level of Need: Essential
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My final baking gift idea are these reusable cake testers! These testers are made of stainless steel, which makes them durable and easy to clean.

They also allow you to be a bit more eco-friendly in the kitchen! With these, you can stop using single-use tooth picks or disposable cake testers.

They also are just so stinking cute. As an added bonus, they’d easily stick to that magnetic bar I shared above 🙂

Let Me Know Your Thoughts

If there are any other tools or gadgets you love to use in the kitchen that I didn’t include, I’d love to hear about them!

Or if you’ve received a baking-related gift you love, please share them in the comments section below

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