Salted Chocolate Clementine Wedges

My friend Jonathan is having a dinner party tonight, and I wanted to bring something sweet. I was really craving something with fruit, and ended up making these salted chocolate covered clementine wedges. It is seriously the easiest, simplest treat to make! All you need is:

  • seedless clementines (I used about 8)
  • 2 dark chocolate bars (at least 70% cocoa)
  • sea salt


I peeled and segmented the clementines, and prepped a pan with parchment paper. Using double boiler, I melted the chocolate bar and dipped each segment into the chocolate.

004 008

I placed each dipped segment onto the parchment, making sure I sprinkled each wedges with a dash of coarse sea salt before the chocolate hardened. I dipped mine about 1/2 way with chocolate, but you can dip them into the chocolate as much as you like.


And that’s it. Seriously. They tasted great – Salty, sweet, and chocolatey 😀 I think it’s such a great summer treat.


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