Homemade Strawberry Pop-tarts

I am a person who goes through phases….breakfast phases that is. As a kid, there was a cinnamon roll phase, an Eggo waffle phase, and of course a Pop-tart phase. When I needed to make something for a brunch with friends last weekend, my mind wandered back to these fruity pastries. And I decided what the heck, why not make some of my own?? So I grabbed a few ingredients and got started:

-1 box puff pastry (I wanted to use pie crust but the store was out!)

-I jar strawberries jam (I used some homemade jam, but I’m sure store bought would be fine too)

-1 pint strawberries (for decoration)

-1 jar nutella

It honestly is as simple as cutting up the pastry into uniformed squares (about 3 in x 3 in), placing about a tablespoon of filling (jam or nutella) in the middle, laying another square on top, and sealing the square off by pinching together the edges.


If you want to take your poptarts to the next level (which let’s be real, who doesn’t), you can cut out a pattern on the top layer of pastry, and seal the edges with a fork. I used heart cut outs for my strawberry Pop-tarts, and star cut outs for my Nutella Pop-tarts.


I ended up taking them to friend’s house, and baking them there! I heated my friend’s oven to 350 degrees, and baked them until they were golden brown (about 10 minutes). They turned out so fluffy and delicious, and were the perfect end to a wonderful brunch 😀



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