Peppercorn Steak

Not many dinners can top a good steak. I seriously start salivating when I think about a juicy, thick, medium rare cut of sirloin. I decided I needed a hearty dinner before the NYC Half, so the night before the race my friend and I fired up the stove top and made an AMAZING pre-race dinner.

We got the meat at Whole Foods, and thoroughly coated both sides of the steaks with a little salt and a TON of cracked black pepper. It’s that simple.


We heated my pan on high and added a little oil. We cooked the first side for five minutes and the second side for four minutes. I like my steak medium rare, so we popped the steak into the oven to cook for a few more minutes.
If you have any questions about how long you need to cook your steak, or if you’re using a different cut of meat, this chart will make life easier.

We made a garden salad and garlic mashed potatoes as sides, and BAM! The ultimate half marathon meal 😀



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