Rainbow Cake


This weekend was my beloved roommates birthday. Living with her has been so fantastic this year, and I wanted to show her how happy I am that I get to live with her! Of course, I decided to show my appreciation with baked goods….but what could be a better way to show someone you care??

I began with a plain white cake base. You can use store bought mix, or a your favorite recipe if you’re not a boxed cake fan! I divided the batter evenly into six separate bowls.


Then the real fun began. Using the three essential colors (blue, red, and yellow) dyes, I made six colors: Purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, and red.


I then baked each thin layer in a 9 inch round cake pan. Since the layers are so thin, they are difficult to level flat once they rise from baking. To avoid this problem, I evened out the layers by alternating them bottom down/top down. I also used a lot of frosting to make sure the cake stayed even…I used this classic vanilla buttercream recipe from the food network. The layering went great, but I used a chopstick to stabilize the cake and make sure it stayed in place overnight. I was very pleased with the final product.



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I work in finance during day, and like to think of myself as a baker by night! Follow me here at Chelsweets.com, on instagram @chelsweets, and on YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/c/ChelsweetsBakery ) to see my creations :D

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